Fancy some fat, bone, & nerve endings?

My brother told me about a meat processing plant that he visited some while back through the course of his work. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is wasted from the carcass of the beast, chicken and beef alike. Lips, bits, and bum holes, all go through the system, though they are boiled to a very high temperature to kill off any bacteria. The end product is mixed 50/50 with pure chicken or meat for the consistency to be correct, then it is pressed or formed into the appropriate shape, add salt & seasoning; then its your turn to eat it!             I say your turn, because I will not touch the stuff. Nor would I give it to my dogs…article-2445440-188A434200000578-288_634x475The average chicken nugget is only HALF meat and the rest is fat, bone… and nerve endings  Researchers in Mississippi examined chicken nuggets at two different fast food chains and found that only about half of the nuggets were made of muscle meat, the rest of the nuggets were made of other chicken parts like fat, blood vessels, nerves, bones and cartilage. A representative for the National Chicken Council said it’s no mystery what’s in chicken nuggets since nutritional information is often available online or on the packaging. The researchers decided not to name the fast food chains…

Oh, by the way; if you knew what the meat content was in your Kebab, you would probably turn vegetarian. And processed fish, is exactly that, processed. It pays to buy every thing fresh and cook it yourself.            Yours Aye.                                                   Just what is in that chicken nugget?

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  1. Ex Bootneck, I didn’t know that and you’ve just turned me off McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, not that they were ever a favorite of mine; but really on the weekend?? We don’t go there, truth to tell; and we also have a giant gas grill to cook all those kabobs you spoke of…with real beef and real chicken…did you know that turmeric is one of the world’s best spices as far as your ingestion of antioxidants is concerned? Your description is really quite disgusting…the entire process of butchering food animals is a true non-starter for me…give me pizza…sausage & pepperoni, please and I’ll pass on your description of the downing of our favorite porcine creatures; I might have to give up that delicacy as well….k

  2. Kristen, keep the faith with the bacon, as long as it comes from a farm shop (free range, locally produced, no added preservatives or pressure injected with water)!

    The Gurkhas use turmeric in every dish, not only is it a great antioxident, its an anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic; ideal for when your operating in a jungle environment, My pantry shelves have every spice jar topped up and sat ready for use…

    I get really hacked off with the supermarkets and their involvement with the food processing company’s, when they bamboozle the customer over their too good to be true offers of ‘buy one get one free’. Especially knowing what sort of glop the product is full of.

    My body is a temple (with a little bit of wear and tear from over the years) 😉


    1. “My body is a temple”
      Proffers offerings of “Lashings of Bacon” and a good brown sauce
      (who thankfully does not eat chicken nuggets)

  3. The truth is, Ex Bootneck, there’s very little in the American supermarket that isn’t processed. I have to agree you have made the correct assessment in that regard. Our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has a hand in everything that is produced unless you go to the local farmer’s market…and what you speak of can only be found there…we have many in fact in the metroplex and every town has a local one and anyone who takes part, providing local wares, fruits and vegetables….bacon, as you have said is one of my favorite ingested items and I certainly would be surprised if I found fresh bacon as you might in Britain. I remember the butcher shops. It’s been a long time since I saw one here in the US. They are found in the supermarkets here; we used to have a greater diversity of specialty shops that sold meats and fish….no longer; they’re mostly in supermarkets now. We have here in the Dallas area the farmer’s market that sells fruits and vegetables…even in Connecticut we had a farmer’s market on Friday afternoons on the town green for a few hours…I used to buy fresh cod from the Long Island Sound…fish markets don’t really exist in the numbers they used to…I really miss that…anyway, here’s to bacon…I bake it by the pound in the oven @400 degrees F for twenty minutes until it’s crispy and then put it in a Ziplock bag in the freezer….used for BLTs (bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwiches), omelettes, bacon cheeseburgers, scrambled eggs & bacon…etc…it’s the only way to fly….k

    1. Kristen, farmers markets are very popular over here, there is always one within striking distance six days of the week.

      We even have a fresh fish van that calls through the village twice a week, with every thing caught fresh that morning. He will even detour from his route on an off day if requested.

      We also have a milkman that delivers daily, as do most of the villages and towns around the UK.

      I much prefer cutting out the supermarkets and buying direct as it gives the supplier the profit.


    1. Curtis, I make my own now, having watched a TV program that investigated the making of processed food. The general public deserves better treatment, the fast food chains would still make a handsome profit if they introduced real chicken, and real beef.


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