Walking Bloody Around the Navy Base

Good news, I finally have a dependable internet connection! So that means more bloody good stories. Bloody as in real blood, not bloody as in jolly. Read on for more details.

So I am walking across base to grab breakfast with a Marine and a prior enlisted Marine, now naval officer. And the current Marine turns to me at the breakfast joint with a look of amazement and says: you know you are bleeding?

I glare around and sure enough, blood is dripping off my uniform sleeve. Flowing blood is not a positive thing for the Navy, but the Marine looks at it with approval. I glance over my body and can’t figure out where I am leaking.

Your knuckles, your knuckles are bleeding.

I look down at my hand and sure enough, I’ve been whipping blood all over myself. I must’ve rapped my knuckles on some furniture and not realized it.

I wrap my hand in napkins and we trudge back to work with our large breakfasts. And just as I am opening my small, single-serving butter cup the size of a coffee creamer, I get distracted. I forget that it is still quite warm out and my butter may not be solid. Indeed the spread is liquid; it spills all over my crotch. My suddenly greasy, bloody uniform which I drag (along with me) to the bathroom for a little rub-a-dub-dub. Can’t take myself anywhere. . .

17 thoughts on “Walking Bloody Around the Navy Base”

  1. Glad to hear your fostering inter service co-operation! But blood and grease? Two worst things to try to get out of clothes. Sounds like a new set of uniforms for you. How are you supposed to impress the nice Japanese ladies like that? The Marine team is doing a great job! Glad that your doing well and always happy to see a post.

    1. Haha, thanks Mark! Good set of folks out here. As for the grease and blood, I usually am insanely careful. That is the only way I can prevent this sort of thing. If I spend an hour polishing my boots, undoubtedly I will gouge them the next day. Oh well…

  2. Hydrogen peroxide will get the blood out, dry quickly, and leave no evidence. As for the grease, I know of nothing that gets it out quickly. But Stanley makes a product called Orange Power Gel. It is the best for getting grease and other stuff out. Also, it can be put on the stain and left in the laundry for a later washing. How do I know this stuff? I am the queen of stains – always dropping something on me.

  3. So glad, Navy One, you found a good connection…we miss hearing from you ..of course, we realize how busy you are and not forgetting you have to satisfy those urges and requirements, like eating…and working…the only question I have is how do you do it?? It’s tough I know…k

  4. NavyKnuckles…

    Claret at breakfast normally means a bloody good run ashore the night before! But, as you are an Officer & a Gentleman we can discount that one…


  5. Lou: Thanks for the tips. I got lucky with the blood, it was still fresh and came out rather easily.
    Kris: Thanks! Life is super busy, no more shore duty for me.
    EB: I am one out of two, an officer or a gentleman. I won’t say which.

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