Zombie crocodile epidemic expected

Arizona is making ready for an out break of Zombies of the worst kindCrocodile Zombies, and they will soon be coming to a neighbourhood close to you, courtesy of Russia. Warning, the content may be graphic for those over 18. For those under 18, don’t worry they  see it every day, as they play their ‘shoot-them-up-kill-them-all-dead’ games.article-2432802-18454BBE00000578-251_634x430Horrific images of drug-users eaten alive by flesh-eating illness, caused by homemade heroin substitute that has arrived on American shores in ArizonaThe first cases of a terrifying new drug called ‘Krokodil’ that eats flesh from the inside out, is flammable and leaves addicts with reptilian-like skin have been reported this week in Arizona – and the state fears the beginning of an epidemic. Popular in Russia, ‘Krokodil’ is homemade, is three-times cheaper than heroin, and created by mixing codeine with gasoline or oil, filtering it and then injecting the rancid concoction into the users body. Banner’s Poison Control Center encountered the drug when two addicts arrived in emergency rooms with their flesh hanging off their body, exposing bone or with skin resembling that of a crocodile, hence its name.

I hope to God the craze for ‘Krokodil’ stays away from this side of the pond, cos only the bad guys are allowed guns over here. Though I could always duct tape a Fairbairn-Sykes Commando knife to each of the canines heads, and keep them hungry…                       Yours Aye.

6 thoughts on “Zombie crocodile epidemic expected”

  1. I think this problem will take care of itself. This product kills its users…quickly. Kinda hard to “market” that. Their model sorta requires a “return customer” for a period of time.

    1. OakieR, some ‘genius’ will eventually experiment with some thing similar, and create a true Hollywood version.

      All I can hear in the back of my mind are the words of Joe Biden echoing… ((( ‘Buy a shotgun’ )))


  2. A very foolish person who would indulge in this self-destructive habit…what a horrible end…k

  3. We don’t do McDonalds. They sure ruined a good franchise when they made the food there inedible.
    My 10 year old was by and I let her use my iPod for the visit. In just a week she loaded up Shark Night, Sharks, iGunProHD, and SniperShooter apps. The first one you control a shark and eat swimmers and divers and fish. The second you use your finger to feed bloodthirsty sharks. We bought extra sharks because 3 isn’t enough. iGun is every kind of gun and you get to load and shoot it again and again and again. All of them. You can guess what snipershooter is.
    So Krokodil holds no fears for me. When she was very little she watched Peter Pan. For years after, all crocodiles were pronounced clockodials.

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