Run 1 mile in 11 minutes, in a suit?

In the past I have sat in on several (or more) security cordons looking in, as well as observing arcs of fire looking out. One detail lasted over three days in winter, fortunately the position was high in woodland under cover of thick pine trees, a small blessing in itself. What always amazed me was the deathly silence surrounding Felix the Bomb Disposal Officer as he made his long walk (always male in my day).  Felix on The long walk ‘Urban’758px-Eod_technician_irelandIt was always said (a military myth) that if you saw Felix running past by your position, the best policy was to follow and over take him, cos he knew some thing you didn’t...article-0-183D240300000578-101_636x382 In the case of Hawaii-based Army explosives expert 1st Lieutenant Ashley Sorensen, who ran a mile in 11 minutes, 6 seconds while wearing a full-body, 75-pound bomb suit; she would have had 30 Marines caught up in her vortex in my day!                        Yours Aye.

6 thoughts on “Run 1 mile in 11 minutes, in a suit?”

  1. I can walk a mile in about seventeen or eighteen minutes….in that suit? Not a chance…and today I did almost four and a half….total….it’s actually easier than the treadmill….k

  2. Kristen, I always plan my walks at 3 miles an hour, which covers all terrains, any faster than that and you lose the enjoyment/pleasure factor. Some one I know well hits the gas pedal, and speed marches his routes with his head down not even taking in the scenery.

    Horses for courses…

    I enjoy the view, if I want to do it just looking at my own feet-I’d take up running again.


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