Miss Uzbekistan Rakhima Ganieva, Quite Plucky

I must say, I admire Miss Uzbekistan Rakhima Ganieva’s pluck and assertiveness. Mostly because she pulled a Napoleon and crowned herself Miss Uzbekistan:

 Miss Uzbekistan Rakhima Ganieva
Miss Uzbekistan Rakhima Ganieva

I wonder how she feels about Alif Laam Meem, aka Alpha Lambda Mu?

5 thoughts on “Miss Uzbekistan Rakhima Ganieva, Quite Plucky”

  1. Absurdity on wheels, Navy One….I have to wonder often, are Muslims taken in and affected by Western culture…seems to me, we’ve seen the reverse is true; and that’s from those who have psychological problems to begin with; and how about the effects of exposure to a culture that their ‘religion of peace’, the largest hypocritical oxymoron of all time finds itself in…I’m of the conviction Muslims are more affected by Judeo-Christian principles than we are by them because they basically suck in stereo…what Western woman in her right mind would ever be taken in by such undeniable horse manure as this so-called ‘religion’ claims??;? and this comes from former Muslims of my acquaintance….the first opportunity to get away from the restrictions imposed by this religion of hate and they took it…
    So to summarize, this thing with a Muslim fraternity is ultimate garbage; they want to blend in and in the process lie about who and what they really are to a low information general public…and don’t they call it ‘taqiyya’??? That’s really what Islam and Muslims are all about…k

  2. “And after she’s competed at the Miss World final in Indonesia later this month, 18-year-old Rakhima Ganieva wants to graduate from university and become a lawyer”

    So she rips herself a place by lying through her teeth, and wants to be a lawyer? Yep, she fits the bill…


  3. And she’s the perfect candidate, Ex Bootneck as an ACLU lawyer….doing this and wearing a burqa because I’m sure she’ll be the Sharia law expert….say what?….of course by then, some man in her own family will probably have accused her of reaching for something that remains impossible for a ‘woman’ and she doesn’t know her place….and on and on…..by then someone who knows better will have thrown acid in her face and all of this will be moot….k

  4. Kris: The frat thing is ridiculous. If you read the comments, the “folks” over at HuffPo agree.
    EB: Ah lawyers. You gotta (not) love them. . .

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