The European Union Circus…

To put you in the correct frame of mind, I would ask that you play the following link  before you read on. It is safe for home, as well as work;  Entry Of The Gladiators – Julius Fucik  article-0-1681B11B000005DC-866_306x423

The head clown of the European—> Union, Herman Van Rompuy’ has issued ‘orders’ to  muzzle auditors who have refused to sign off the E.U. bureaucrats’ accounts for the last 18 years, telling them to tone down criticism as it ‘erodes trust’. Who on earth trusts the European Union? 

Head Clown ‘Herman Van Rumpy-Pumpy’ president of the largest comedy Circus in Europe, throwing an imaginary dart at the general public to raise a laugh 😉

In all honesty, how do they expect to be taken serious when they spout hogwash about their white wash…           ClownCarHerman Van Rumpy-Pumpy’s official car and his driver José Manuel Durão Barroso, not‘ parked anywhere near the banana republic of Brussels         Yours Aye.

4 thoughts on “The European Union Circus…”

  1. I guess that’s why the clown car and the Ringling Brothers’ Barnum and Bailey Circus entrance hits that nail on the head…and very fitting…k

    1. Kristen, I now believe they should be treat with the utter contempt they deserve.

      I await a full response from Nigel Farage, and Daniel Hannan, which is always worth waiting for…


    1. NavyOne, when Cdo Logistics Squadron rolled out of their base to support the rest of the Cdo Brigade, the same music was played as they departed. It was as though ‘Chipperfields Circus’ was taking to the road for a new venue, such was the length of the column with specialist vehicles of all proportions…

      As for the E.U. Bring on the clowns and the custard pies.


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