Whoops, Peter Badalament Stepped in It

Art has been known to get people in trouble. Risqué paintings were at one time considered cutting-edge media (and potentially blasphemous) before mass media was available to the masses. But this poem, read by Concord-Carlisle High School principal Peter Badalament (on 9/11 of all days), should get the principal in trouble. At first reading, I have several issues with it, mostly in it finding fault with America. It was written by a Muslim daughter, the Syrian poet Mohja Kahf, talking about her grandmother washing her feet at Sears:

“Respectable Sears matrons shake their heads and frown

as they notice what my grandmother is doing,

an affront to American porcelain, a contamination of American Standards

by something foreign and unhygienic…

They fluster about and flutter and I can see

a clash of civlizations brewing in the Sears bathroom.”

“‘You can’t do that,’ one of the women protests,

turning to me, ‘Tell her she can’t do that.’

‘We wash our feet five times a day,’

my grandmother declares hotly in Arabic.

‘My feet are cleaner than their sink.

Worried about their sink, are they? I

should worry about my feet!’

In an interesting twist, the pledge of allegiance was not recited, but the above screed was.

8 thoughts on “Whoops, Peter Badalament Stepped in It”

  1. And Navy One, we all know what their final outcome is supposed to be; I on the other hand, have hope we will eliminate this scourge with a boot out the door…and I think quite soon actually…k

  2. You know it’s funny. 5 years living in the middle east and I only caught that foot washing jackery one time and that was with a hose. When you see pictures of thousands of muslims on their faces worshipping I never once saw giant puddles anywhere around them from the run-off of washing all those hands and feet.

    1. Like most things having to do with Muslims and Islam, Curtis this is emphasized through exaggeration and claiming racism if you don’t like it and law suits out the wazoo if you don’t comply with their wishes…law fare…they really should take a boat or plane back to their place of origin if they don’t like it; I suspect real soon, Americans will tire of this politically correct nonsense when the Muslim gangs of young men start raping young girls as they have been for years in Europe and Sweden in particular; they’re pretty violent and I think some of those non-religious liberal/ progressives will find it fast when their own daughters are raped by these animals….but that’s just me and watching what happens when Muslims take over a country in terms of population…k

  3. If I were a parent I would DEMAND that the Pledge of Allegiance be read, or nothing be done. And Badalament be publicly ridiculed and fired. I am tired of the double standard where everything American is bad in school but everything Muslim is okay.


  4. I find it absolutely unbelievable, and undeserving of true meaningful words, staggering, just staggering.

    The man should be made to apologise in person to the American public, and then he should be publicly sacked on the spot. It’s an outrage and tantamount to treason


  5. Form follows function and following dogmatic traditions appropriate for desert regions that have zero relevance in the west is nonsense . Get a clue !
    On a day where fictional ishmaelism should be debased , a moron reads drivel as if anyone should really care about the pretentious supremacy for arab cultural hegemony .

  6. ” Principal Ignorant of Form Follows Function Insults America ”

    The moron running the school reads a ” muslim ( sic. ) ” poem about an old lady washing her feet in a Sears sink basin , who is without a clue as to why she continues to practice dogma traditions that have zero relevance outside of the arid lands from which she came .

  7. This guy, the principle, is typical of the airheads in education who cannot think beyond their nose, are mush brains, and, in fact, absent any form of even modest patriotism. Political corruption of speech and affirmative idiocy has created this mess. Fire the SOB.

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