In Memory of The 12th Anniversary 9/11

  In Memory Of All Who Suffered. We Will Remember Them.article-2417276-1BBEFB63000005DC-64_964x652article-2417276-1BBEF75C000005DC-780_964x634


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15 thoughts on “In Memory of The 12th Anniversary 9/11”

    1. Clark, the lights did not go out when the attacks happened, they simply dimmed slightly through the choking dust, and remained so to allow Nations to mourn their dead. They are once again as bright as ever before, ready to be shone under the rocks from where evil came from, where it continues to lurk festering in the dark.

      Our day will come.


  1. Thank you, Ex Bootneck; we share a quiet moment but we’re still seething beneath the surface….we won’t lose this one no matter what ‘political jackass’ is in the White House….this is our worst one yet…k

    1. Kristen, time will heal, but we will not ever forget.

      It remains the same over here after the atrocities committed through the actions of Islamic Extremists.

      Our day will come…


  2. EB, to me the people of the Sceptred Isle will ever be more than just friends. Two nations, one born in the blood of patriot and redcoat alike, one ancient and no stranger to battle herself. At first adversaries, later the staunchest of comrades in arms. Britain remains America’s truest ally and boon companion. While fools may occupy the seats of power on either side of the pond, those who know, those who think, will know that when one is in peril, the other will respond.

    Long may the United States and the United Kingdom stand tall together, in the face of all foes (foreign and domestic). Our two nations and those who stand with us, are the last, best hope of freedom.

    May God Bless us all and see us through to happier times.

    MSgt Chris Goodrich
    The Old AF Sarge

  3. MSgt, I greatly appreciate the sentiment in your words. My family and I have shed blood, and stood side by side with your own ‘regulars’ from WWI to present day. It will always be so.

    What ever the future holds, it is held in our joint clenched fist. Those that commit such atrocities against our own, simply strengthens our resolve, it makes use even more determined to beat them down, and beat them down we will; By God we will.


  4. And Ex Bootneck, we also have another ally in the Middle East that holds and maintains a covenant with God as we in America did with our Constitution and has for the thousands of years of their existence. The people of Israel are allies as well….we cannot forget them ever…Both of you are our truest allies and friends….and we all share the same loving God and faith and stand together against the evil that is out there….k

    1. Kristen, little Israel punches well above it’s weight in the Middle East, I have always held them in the highest regard. They will endure with the support of our Nations.


  5. Eternal rest grant unto them, Oh Lord, and let Your Perpetual Light shine upon them, may they and all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

    1. Ron19, I hope the families of those who perished find that time is helping them, never to forget, just to ease their pain…


  6. I’m just catching up as I’ve been on the road the last couple o’ few and haven’t been making the rounds. What all those above me said, particularly Chris.

    Thank you.

    1. Buck, I’ve been following your adventure mate.

      Besides catching up with family and friends, the icing on the cake must have been the Aerospace museum? (Everything but Leonardo da Vinci’s kitchen sink sitting in there)


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