Tyred, try cycling…

Grown tired of climbing a 30-foot ladder to his treehouse, Ethan Schlussler decided he needed to invent something that could take him up in a fraction of the time. The inventive 22-year-old from Sandpoint, Idaho, quickly hit upon about the idea of developing a bicycle-powered ‘elevator’ which now allows him to pedal himself up in 30 seconds flat. Once Ethan had hit upon the ingenious idea, it took him a couple of attempts to get his unusual elevator just right.article-2415573-1BB36124000005DC-681_636x382 Pedal power: Bicycle elevator lets you cycle up to 30-foot high treehouse in 30 seconds flat Now it may just be the tickle of the Irish within me, but what happens if you get halfway up, and you get a flat tyre?            Yours Aye 😉

10 thoughts on “Tyred, try cycling…”

  1. I’d be more interested in a case of vodka and my recliner…but that’s just me…and if we’re really getting down to it, how about my treadmill and my flat screen??? We could move all the amenities in there and forget the house altogether….k

    1. Lou, as I said to NavyDavy, drink it before you start the cycle, then sleep it off when you get to the top! Simple…


  2. Some geeks just have too much time on their hands. +1 on NavyDavy’s deer stand. And he needs to install a pulley lift for necessities such as beer, buffalo wings and ribs.

    1. Coffeypot, I’m with you on this one, a pulley lift is the solution to every thing, how else would you get the troop of dancing girls up there… 😉


      1. If the dancing girls aren’t athletic enough to get up there on their own, they’ve just failed the hiring interview!

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