U.S. leaves ‘unreliable’ British out in the cold

According to the Times newspaper, as well as a smattering of additional tabloids here in the UK, and Europe. “The role of senior British officers based at US Central Command in Tampa, Florida, has been downgraded because they cannot be trusted with high-level intelligence about a conflict with which they are no longer involved in, military sources say. About 30 British personnel have been working alongside the Americans and French at the Headquarters, fine-tuning a list of targets and orchestrating military assets as part of war planning underway for weeks”.418112_10151205985067887_490947374_nNo British Officers are now engaged in military planning for Syria at Central Command and none of them will be involved in the execution of the operation.” ” The military takes great pride in high-level transatlantic co-operation, and British Commanders are usually given greater access to US operational details, and intelligence than any other member of NATO”. “Britain is now non-reliable as far as this operation is concerned”, according to one former officer – A move that will be a severe blow to the pride of the British Armed Forces. Britain’s role has been taken by the French, who were praised as America’s “oldest ally”  by John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, on Friday 30th August 2013.images

‘Standard Operational Procedure,’ no big deal, and understandable under the circumstances. Telle est la vie…   However; A  British Officers word is his bond, he is honour bound to keep it, which will always remain so. Extraordinary story of British WWI Captain released by Kaiser from German prison camp so he could see his dying mother in Kent – on condition that he returned to his cell… and he DID            Yours Aye.article-2410059-1B9A3CA6000005DC-371_964x387

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    1. CentTexTim, I despise Max Hastings. He was a Journalist writing for the Daily Express who was attached to 45 Cdo RM when we were involved in the Falklands campaign. What ever I did wrong I will never know, however, he was tasked to buddy up with my section for the initial foot move across the Island.

      After the first days massive yomp across freezing cold boggy terrain, the whole Unit went firm and dug in, after which Little Lord Fontleroy turned up and asked bewilderingly “where is my trench” I flung an entrenching tool at him and said “at the end of that f*****g shovel”!

      He also did the dirty on his fellow journalists, when he took his turn to fly back to HMS Fearless to file their collective copies of the days action; the routine was that one journalist would act responsibly and file on behalf of the others, some thing he failed to do stating there was insufficient time to do so (though he got his own copy signaled back to his news desk in the UK).

      He talks a good war as he shines the seat of his pants on his leather bound chair. Like most bloody arm chair warrior’s he is a good historian, who can articulate the Queens language…


      1. Oh c’mon, EBN, tell us how you really feel about him… :-)

        I don’t know much about the guy, and I’m certainly not defending him, but I was curious about how accurately his remarks reflect the public sentiment, especially given how shabbily our current president has treated the UK.

        1. CenTexTim, the feeling over your man ‘Barry O’ reflects upon our feelings for all socialist led regimes in the Western world. They simply do not work, and not one socialist government in Europe is in the blue, they all have red lines under their finances…

          Red and socialism are a well matched colour!


  1. My government has been an on-going source of embarrassment to me and others over the past five years. I’ll be MORE than glad when the current “national nightmare” is over. I only hope the damage can be undone.

    1. Me too, Buck….no one could be more disgusted than I am…and you know that I went to a CT (Cryptologic Technician – Intelligence community page on FB) site and got even more disgusted…I’m furious now that these people have become indoctrinated by the inanity that is the Obama administration….k

    2. Buck, I know the feeling, we went through it with Tony B’liar and his shower of champagne socialists.

      As we watch your incumbent political system from across the pond, we do feel that your man has done for himself, as well as his party, it is apparent that the wheel is turning slowly in your favour mate.


  2. I believe Britain has always been its own master on their own terms…they never needed us at this late date to be supportive….Obama has done what he’s done to embarrass his own country for his own purposes….and they are political….we are still Britain’s friends….we still appreciate and love them without qualification….after the Revolutionary War, we finally went back to our roots and know who our real friends, neighbors and brothers really are….k

  3. Kristen, we sit over here daily, wondering what Barry’s next move will be. Some of our best political analysts are thrown curve balls by his thinking, not helped by having Joe B as his 2i/c (what on earth goes on inside of ‘his’ head)?

    Great Britain will always stand firm with the U.S. At the moment we are politely coughing into a clenched fist at the antics of your ‘dear leader’, who appears to have been over promoted well above his pay grade.

    The might of America will come back like a coiled spring after the next election, and the rest of the world will snap to attention.


    1. I certainly hope you are right about that, Ex Bootneck….God has a habit of doing what He wants to and not thinking much of humanity’s ways….but what He does, it will be right and we will know it….k

  4. There will be little credit and massive shame in this ‘message’.

    I read his book and I watched the war, as well as we could back then as Nightline gave us video of the war. It is when you KNOW the real story that you hate the messenger who goons it up. I think yours and mine were the last the of the wars that nobody else will ever know since they predate the internet.

    1. Curtis, I share your endorsement, it may seem strange for me to say this, but I am so glad we fought as we did without the presence of the www. Lines of communication had to be fought over the old way, which also allowed more free thinking, and old fashioned blood and guts determination

      The Marines I fought alongside had more about them, certainly the old n bold Officers & Senior NCO’s, who had fought in Aden, Sarawak and Borneo, as well as a few brush fire wars. Almost all of the Marines had tours of South Armagh or Belfast under their belts.

      There was a true feeling of ‘we have to do it,’ the failure of not achieving victory would ensure misery for the Falkland Islanders, as well as total humiliation for ourselves as a fighting force. The possibility of spending time in a POW camp would spur anyone onwards.


  5. I know that building well. Being an Iraqi linguist and later part of CENTCOM at several billets, I’ve had reason to travel down there. I like Tampa, just would not want to work there permanently… Nothing personal…

    1. NavyOne, from within that building, there will be quite a few British military personnel taking advantage of some down time…

      Every cloud has a silver lining!


  6. It’s all well and good that our British brothers are not going to be involved in the Syrian ‘Goat Rope’. This is NOT about Sarin gas, Muslim Brotherhood, Assad, or Al Q. It’s about the next chapter in “The Great Game” and driven by the Saudis.
    It’s about the desire to build an OPEC gas pipline from Qutar through Syria, Turkey and into Europe – which would kill the Gazprom(Putin) monopoly on European gas.
    Let the Arabs fight their own dirty war and the Princes dirty their own bloody hands.
    It has come to THIS:

    From Wretchards today:
    “The Washington Post notes that certain Arab countries have offered to pay for the “invasion” of Syria.

    Secretary of State John Kerry said at Wednesday’s hearing that Arab counties have offered to pay for the entirety of unseating President Bashar al-Assad if the United States took the lead militarily. With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assess, the answer is profoundly yes. They have. That offer is on the table. Asked by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) about how much those countries would contribute, Kerry said they have offered to pay for all of a full invasion.”

    I know it’s early, but I may start drinking…

    1. Chris P, as a young Marine I had very little interest in politics, (prior to signing up I worked in a vast heavy engineering steel yard, & fought, argued, & disagreed with the union masters daily).

      It was only after several years in the Corps that I realised what the dirty game of politics was all about. Mainly in part to an old n bold Colour-Sergeant, with a similar background to my own who was my Troop boss. An inspirational man of little words, though he squeezed more sense into one sentence than most politicians speak in a year.

      One particular day I had a bit of a dilemma on my hands, the C/Sgt realised there was a problem and we talked it through. His advice in a nutshell; ignore the focal point, and look around its periphery to see what, or who, is the real problem. Resolve the points on the periphery, and then step on the focal point. He was absolutely right, though my dilemma did not resolve itself over night, it did eventually pan out to my absolute advantage.

      As he would often say when we sat discussing a topical event in the MSM, ignore the focal point of a political situation, and see what they are trying to squeeze past on the periphery without anyone noticing.


    1. Tony Mc, I heard a whisper from an excellent source, that a few bubble heads & a few dashing blades have been out their for quite some time, giving best practical advice…

      BTW, were you by any chance initially atop the feature over looking the waters of San Carlos, where the wind was hitting so hard it was slowly shunting a R.A. Rapier LWB L/R, an inch at a time. If so, ‘hello’ I was sent up there with a section to provide local protection… Bloody freezing and way down past freezing with the wind chill factor…


  7. Hi Ex bootneck,
    No that was not my callsign, although it was a bit drafty we had one tonners. It certainly was freezing especially as we had to sit on a seat practically open to the elements and attacking aircraft. I remember some kind bootnecks visited our Rapier and brought a box of rations (much appreciated) As for our Airborne friends they just told us to F*** O** crap hats lol, nice to meet another brother from the class of 82,


    Tony. 32 Alpha.

    1. Tony, sadly these guys only had a LWB L/R; had it been a 1 Tonne wagon, they would have had us dwelling within it… They spent little time sleeping as they were experiencing difficulty calibrating the system, though they did eventually get a few darts off.

      We also humped four boxes of the old 10 man rats up the 600ft hill for them, I think they were completely out prior to us arriving. When we were relieved we left them every thing we had that was edible. Fortunately for them, the relief were also told the R.A. required a re-sup, so they also brought up the same amount of 10 man.

      Come the ceasefire, they must have been the porkiest R.A. Rapier Det on the island 😉

      Long time ago, and I remember every day of it.

      Aye. (a massive coincidence, but also 32-Alpha, obviously on a different net)

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