The brighter light of London

When frequenting London, whether on a course or a long weekend of cultural  adventure, my favourite area of bright lights are to be found in and around Covent Garden. Where the pubs and eateries lay spread about in great abundance; a gastronomic, boozeanomic festivel, for those of us who partake in a drop of ‘hows your father, is your mother well‘!article-2409073-1B968845000005DC-314_634x463It would seem that there now shines a brighter light within the City, though it is one you would not wish to stand beneath for too long.article-2409073-1B898673000005DC-114_634x540 The concave shaped building, ‘aka’ the Walkie Talkie building, at 20 Fenchurch Street, Eastcheap, City of London; is throwing the sun’s powerful rays down onto the pavement below, melting anything plastic within its reach, burning carpets in doorways, and cracking tiled floors at the front of buildings..article-2409710-1B99D1FF000005DC-646_634x421

It is even hot enough to fry an egg (those pesky news people and their gimmicky stories)!

But hey, if you’re a homeless illegal immigrant, just jump in with your pan, there’s even room for your chums too… Top tip for any one looking in from the UK Border Agency (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) 😉

Yours Aye.

8 thoughts on “The brighter light of London”

    1. Lou, the developers are almost frantic over the issue, they are being ridiculed as we speak. It could seriously ruin their standing in future work within the City.



  1. Ah, yes, I remember it well…didn’t go to Covent Garden often but it was an experience not to be outdone…I really loved London, next to NYC, it really is one of the world’s greatest cities….I’m prejudiced, what did you expect??? Wherever I go, I look for China Town’s…large cities usually have them and London is no exception…k

  2. Ah…Covent Garden. There used to be this game restaurant there (and I cannot remember the name) that specialized in venison, game birds, and wild fish… all shot/caught in the northern regions of the UK and shipped down to London on a daily basis. I didn’t go there often… mebbe two or three times a year… but it was a dining experience like no other in London at the time.

    Ah… Former Happy Days! :-)

    1. Buck, you have to talking about ‘Rules’ on Maiden Lane, Covent Garden?,d.ZG4

      Quote “The oldest restaurant in London specialising in game.”

      ‘As the oldest restaurant in London (established in 1798), Rules serves traditional English food, specialising in classic game, oysters, pies and puddings. The game and beef is sourced from the Lartington Estate in the High Pennines which is owned by the restaurant.’

      I have walked in there with a 34″ waist, and waddled out with a 40″ more than once. Still a great place to eat drink and be merry.


      1. Ex Bootneck, while Buck was talking about a favorite restaurant that served game, I went looking was an Austrian restaurant in downtown London that was a favorite of my mother’s…apparently not there any longer…Old Vienna??? I couldn’t find it and I assume it’s gone the way of the dodo….too bad; it had all those deer antlers, beer steins and wreaths with candles hanging from the walls and the ceiling…it was a great place, down in a basement, of course and the added benefit of good food…k

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