Until the earth stands still

Those responsible for atrocities committed through WWII, through to modern day, should be hunted down and dealt with accordingly. I do not have one ounce of pity or sympathy for Dutch born, 92-year-old Siert Bruins, a former SS officer who now lives in Germany.article-0-1B9491CB000005DC-51_634x428Former SS officer goes on trial in Germany for shooting resistance fighter in the back 70 years ago This should act as a lesson for todays Dictators and despots.   Yours Aye.

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  1. Again, why don’t we ever as human beings learn about God and the love of humanity…the tail end of this man’s life and I wonder why he couldn’t have been a decent human being from the start…that’s never the case, is it Ex Bootneck?? So as frail and flawed human beings, we always have to assign guilt and responsibility….and then be outraged about it…well, that’s the stark difference between man and God….k

    1. Kristen, what is more annoying; is the fact that there are more of his ilk around the world, with three generations of family behind them, some thing denied to those brave people who gave their all for freedom and liberty.

      Those of the same ilk should be made to pay the ultimate penalty, and forfeit their life.


  2. You’ve made your bed, Siert, time to lie in it. In the golden dusk of your life, you have to deal with this. Consequences are painful. . .

    1. NavyOne, I have witnessed the aftermath of evil first hand, I will never understand it’s reason, nor would I wish to.

      You reap what you sew, in kindness and hatefulness, I much prefer the first option.


  3. I have no intention of defending such actions as described here.

    But I find it difficult to see exactly why it is so much worse than a gunner or bomber pilot killing civilians by unleashing high explosive into a city.

    How does it compare to killing ‘targeted individuals’ (and anyone unfortunate enough to be close to them) using a drone, when no war has even been declared and without a trial?

    I have to say that members of the resistance as armed civilians were outside the terms of the Geneva Convention and if they killed anyone it was legally murder.

    Not trying to troll this thread, but I must admit that, as I grow older, I find it increasingly difficult to see why we do not just draw a line after a war and accept what happened.

    After all, many ‘murderers’ who were ‘resistance fighters’ are now senior members of governments and welcomed worldwide.

    1. Aloysious A Gruntpuddock, those who fought under the rules of the Geneva convention applied their own doctrine and micro rules, as the war dictated. Back in the day when spy’s in civilian clothing were shot, it was a calculated risk undertaken by the individual; they were always instructed to wear military attire beneath their ‘civvies’ and strip down to avoid being caught. Good advice, but not always a practical solution. The risk was theirs alone.

      Technically those fighting within a resistance movement did so as voluntary ‘free-men’ of their country, taking orders and instruction from their ousted leadership. The rules they abided by were not within the Geneva Convention, execution being the end game. Such was their belief, that they were prepared to sacrifice the most precious thing known to mankind…

      Latterly, as you will be aware, the Rules of Engagement are enforced on all Western Armed Forces operating within a ‘hot’ combat zone. Which obviously is a one sided affair when you relate to Afghanistan.

      Of late, the farce concerning the ROE has resulted in unacceptable deaths within the Western Armed Forces deployed in combat. Due completely to the opposing side having scant regard for civilian’s who they very often use as shields, some times willingly, some times paid, or sadly, enforced to do so.

      Pilots of fast jets do have a conscience, the majority also have children back home, they do not readily arm and push the release button, they will call off an attack if it is danger close to civvies. The information and request on a ‘in-action-contact’ relayed to them from the ground, can some times be better observed and ignored from above, to the absolute disbelief to those being hammered by the bad guys.

      Black Op’s and drone warfare is a ‘spook’ remit, which we all hope is done for the right reasons. In general, the government’s of countries who cry foul after a drone attack upon their sovereign soil, have secretly given permission to do so, as it fits in with their own military strategy, and costs them nothing.

      There can never be a line drawn after a war, as it allows atrocities to be committed when ‘last orders at the bar please’ is called. All who participate within a declaration of war have to be accountable for their actions, it ensures that those who would wish to commit atrocities on a grand scale, know for a fact there will be a severe consequence to follow.

      The dirty game of Politics after cessation of war is down to an individual and their conscience, they should vote accordingly, or at least take a form of action against their displeasure. Something we in the Western world take for granted, of which, most shamefully, do not use.


  4. In this you are wrong Xbootneck.
    The time to punish has passed away.
    All are guilty in war of killing that we all regret.
    It was wrong but we did it anyway because it was our duty.
    I don’t have any issue with killing the man. Kill him.
    Just don’t cover it with the banality that he was evil because he killed.
    We all did that.

    1. Curtis, as a former ‘Cosmopolouse-soldier and sailor’ I value your opinion, but it is your opinion, no one in my mind is right or wrong when it comes to opinions; and that my mate, is my opinion…

      The following laid out respectfully…

      The statement of ‘evil’ is applied by the press and the MSM, used to drum up interest, as the youth of today could care less; to them it is not part of ‘Call of Duty’, or part of their insular lifestyle, therefore it is of little consequence in their mind.

      Within the Geneva Convention, there are stringent guide lines and set rules for a Declaration of War. Those found guilty of breaking the internationally declared rules suffer the consequence at the cessation of hostilities. They are the terms and conditions laid down by the Geneva Convention. There are no statutes of limitation for a little old man or woman when they appear in a court of law for a crime or atrocity committed 60 years ago. They are answerable for their ‘alleged’ crime of the time and date stated. Murdering an unarmed man by shooting him repeatedly in the back, does fall within the Geneva rules of enforcement.

      Not to do so, is to declare human life as worthless.

      So much so that the German Government is still investigating and charging additional war criminals. European Governments also apply the same rule.

      You know yourself, that without such law abiding rules, we would have anarchy ruling the streets. Even with an armed police force, any Western nation is only 24 hours away from anarchy and the destructive mayhem it brings.

      It is my opinion, that law abiding citizens stop the slide into anarchy going any further, as they form the core of society that does not become involved; thus the anarchists ranks remain un-swollen, and manageable. Every major riot over the past 50 years has proven that.
      My son, a serving ‘unarmed’ Police Officer, relies upon the same statistics, as he walks and polices the streets of London’s worst violent crime ridden borough.

      Islamic nations of late, being testimony to the art of anarchy.

      Oh for the days of yore, when life was much more simple with a Gatlin gun, and no rules as such…

      An’ after I met ‘im all over the world, a-doin’ all kinds of things, Like landin’ ‘isself with a Gatlin’ gun to talk to them ‘eathen kings; ‘E sleeps in an ‘ammick instead of a cot, an’ ‘e drills with the deck on a slew, An’ ‘e sweats like a Jolly — ‘Er Majesty’s Jolly — soldier an’ sailor too!


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