Running Japan

I suppose I should title this post, Running on Base in Japan because I’ve only ventured off-base once while jogging. The reason: my first day in Japan, I took a nasty fall off a curb. (Hey, it was nearly a foot up!) Due to the humidity, the curbs get slippery. And I twisted my foot coming off one. I’ve been babying it, still running lightly. Curious thing about that curb, I almost slipped off it again two days later! But rather than trying to stop my fall, the next time, I just fell under control.

While I’ve not been running far, I’ve been walking everywhere. Yesterday, my two-block stretch turned into a five mile marathon through a hilly neighborhood. God bless the iPhone, because without it, I would’ve ended up in Hiroshima, so lost did I get. I normally have very good sense of direction, but every instinct I have in Japan is 100% wrong. Is it possible that I’ve lost my magnetic connection to the earth?

And when I get tired of walking, I take a taxi back. Recently, one of my drivers was 90 years old. I really wanted to chat with him. To talk about all the changes he has seen while living in Japan, but we ended up just talking about sushi, which he loves to eat. (Note to self: sushi has longevity properties!)

A very aggressive Navy wife (married to a very chilled-out naval officer) told me that I have to run with her husband; he is looking for someone to push him. I told her politely that I do not like running with people. Sometimes I go fast and sometimes I go slow forever. It is all in the moment and I don’t know where I will be in the future in terms of my run. I always humor myself when running, I figure any exercise is good, right?

Lastly, to the guy who suddenly appeared on my trail this evening, all fresh-looking (after I’d been at it for some time.) Yeah, I caught you. Busted foot or not, I still don’t like people looking all tough while trying to lose me. (I may have issues when it comes to competition. Ah well, I could have worse neuroses. . .)

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  1. N1, remember their addressing and streets make NO sense, they are not laid out logically as ‘we’ would do it, but chronologically by age. And addresses are the same way. You might see house number 234 next to 2962. And remember to look the OTHER way when running… :-)

  2. And if I recall correctly, Navy One, don’t the Japanese drive on the other side of the road as is done in Britain? I thought I remembered that from somewhere….good luck on the runs…within the last week, I have continued to do my 1.5 mile trek on the treadmill and then walk another stint with my roommate after dinner…so, I’ve gone back to the 3 miles daily under another venue….and it takes us less time…so big surprise…I’m aching though….the stress of age, I guess….k

  3. Definitely eat the sushi. I don’t know about longevity effects (although I’m pretty well preserved for my age, so there might be something there) but it tastes wonderful. And… to state the obvious… the best sushi in the world is right around the corner from you. So to speak. 😉

  4. I find riding my bike much more enjoyable than running – so much easier on my knees and other jiggly parts – not to mention I can go farther and see more. Although I ride with my hubby, riding by myself is better – no one to answer to or worry about.

  5. NavyOne, if your running along on a foot high footpath, your head must be in the clouds; metaphorically speaking…


  6. NavyOne – Be careful! I am glad to know that sushi served the gentleman well. I’ll keep eating it and I will follow Ex Bootneck’s advice as well (in moderation) and see if I can make it to 100!

  7. Old NFO: Very good gouge. I am learning!
    Kris: Yup, they drive on the wrong side.
    Buck: I’ve eaten it every day so far!
    Lou: My bike is not here yet, so I have to run (from the law) until it gets here. (Just kidding about the law part.)
    EB: Haha! I was running through a park that was sort of raised up.
    Lil C: Good for you. I know several good places out where you are…

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