A politicaly inefficient pot mess

UPDATE 1st Sep 2013:  Sir. Christopher Meyer, KCMG. Former British Ambassador to the United States (1997–2003) has written the following article proving the special relationship is as strong as ever Though the return of Sir Winston Churchill’s bronze bust remains an obvious slur by the incumbent President. White House admits it did return Sir Winston Churchill bust to British diplomats after describing such claims as “100 per cent false”. It was Churchill himself who coined the phrase, ‘the special relationship’ in a speech 70 years ago’.                                             “All this for a Damn Flag bust”? DownloadedFile

ORIGINAL POST: Having watched events unfold around Syria, one does not require the brains of an Arch-Bishop to understand that the situation does not bode well for Assad, or the West. The whole situation within Syria, as well as the political situation within the Western world is now a rambling mess; mainly in part due to the ineffectiveness of the U.N.  U.S. snubs Britain – and gets cosy with the French: After Cameron’s Commons humiliation, Obama prepares to blitz Syria without us article-2407511-1B8AFA56000005DC-696_634x509Added to this, is the damage created by the lack of trust we have in our politicians caused by Tony B’liar and the previous socialist Labour Government of the UK, who lied to its citizens over Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, and their delivery capability of 40 minutes. It is my deepest hope that Tony B’liars ‘dodgy dossier’ will see him incarcerated one day, with his spin doctor Alastair Campbell sharing the same prison cell. article-0-1B747F72000005DC-553_634x465The same Peace envoy; Tony Blair, ‘happy holiday’ heading for a multi millionaires yacht in the Mediterranean from where he called for an attack on Syria, before the U.N. chemical weapons teams had even gathered evidence. (Trying to cover  the sins of his past, by coercing others to act in the same way)… Champagne socialism at its finest!

‘Closing the gate after the horse has bolted’ helps no one, especially the innocents who have suffered through the release of a chemical blood choking agent. Relevant Western political leaders, were given ”hot intel’ by their Joint Intelligence Committee’s, who knew of Assad’s intended use of chemical weapons, having eves-dropped the wires in live time. Politically the information could have been exposed, and used as a tool against Assad and his regime. Figuratively speaking, such information allowed the West to load a gun, make it ready, and place it against Assad’s temple. Any attempt there after to use WMD would see the safety flicked off, the trigger squeezed, with true justification.images-1DownloadedFile

It would now appear that within the last 24 hours Assad’s regime has released a blister agent attack, certainly media & news footage strongly suggests so. Not phosphorous, as was described by some stupid news presenter on TV (The injured were covered in severely large painful blisters, as well as suffering from significant skin peel, the main characteristics of a blister agent damage. White phos would still be doing its job, burning its way slowly through skin and muscle to the bone; none of the injured were showing signs of writhing, agonised, screaming torture; the main characteristics of white phos damage).tab2-10If the U.N. find Assad guilty of using WMD against his own civilians, a strike against the Syrian regime is urgently required. The strike should be swift, calculated, and devastating to the extreme. It should be against military targets such as airfields, aircraft, and weapon delivery systems. The strike should be issued with the caveat that Assad will be personally targeted, should he proceed with further chemical weapon attacks on his people. For the initial crime, Assad should be tried in an international court of law, no matter what the outcome of the Syrian Civil War. There is only one group who will benefit from this absolute pot mess of madness; the global militant Islamist organisation of Al-Qaeda.

My personal opinion is that those responsible for the use of chemical weapons should be tried and hung. Those who knew of their impending use, who stood back without opposing it, should be tried for assisting in crimes against humanity, and imprisoned. CIA ‘helped Saddam Hussein carry out chemical weapons attack on Iran’ in 1988 I will guarantee that the UK’s special relationship in 1988, placed our own ‘agencies’ and Governments on a level par. They always hope such information never leaks either side of the pond. The old adage of ‘do it-just don’t get caught’ has always applied when meddling in foreign affairs. 

DownloadedFile-1The U.S. and the U.K. have bonded, stood by, and supported each other for many years, suffering relevant loss, and gain equally. Politicians through their gross incompetence and negligence should never be allowed to break such a bond.

Tony B’liar poisoned the well of public trust. Yesterday, 30th August 2013, the cowardly spineless leader of the opposition party, Socialist Labour’s Ed Miliband, turned out to be as slippery as B’liar, Miliband is yet another hypocrite Labourite Leader that no one can trust The Labour Party’s Union paymasters pulled Miliband’s strings, and called the shots over the vote in Parliament. The Russians are still the true puppet masters of the trade Union’s.   

Yours Aye.

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  1. You should really hear what’s being touted about this…a lot of the MSM, and not so much them but in the conservative realm has cited the reason Obama has been rebuffed is because of his own treatment of the British government since he assumed office and that Winston Churchill bust the Brits bestowed upon GWB….Tony Blair doesn’t even get a mention….so, take from it what you will, Ex Bootneck…this is what happens when the US elects a ‘community organizer’ to the most important leadership role representing Americans….this is not us…..and anyone who thinks this paramount fraud and liar is representative of Americans, makes a hugh mistake…he doesn’t…anyone stupid enough to vote for this apparently deserves what they get; but the world should know this representative of the United States is no one I would recommend under any circumstances….I personally have never more ashamed of anyone in my life; even Jimmy Carter doesn’t begin to match up with this guy….k

  2. Kristen, when ‘Barry-O’ returned the bust of Sir Winston Churchill, it reflected badly upon him, and shouted out his own insecurities to the world; after all it was mentioned throughout the international MSM.

    The British public were simply astonished that he could be so fickle, as fickle goes, he has not changed since that day!

    Those of us who understand the role the mighty U.S. plays within the international arena, genuinely care about what happens within the U.S. political arena. A strong America presents a force to be reckoned with, one weakened by a piss poor President, who has the back bone of a jelly fish does not frighten any dictator.

    If Jimmy Carter is the yardstick for measurement, then our own Prime Minister David Cameron stands just below his crotch…


  3. But Ex Bootneck, wasn’t David Cameron supposed to be a conservative?? The nuances of your government and whoever represents it are far too complicated for we poor American morons over here…that’s why the Framers chose a two party system to simplify matters…your system goes beyond the more than one size fits all frame of reference or mind….of course in the last hundred years, the Constitution has been reshaped, reformed and bastardized into such a mishmash of nothing and everything, it really could confuse even you…the liberals/progressives have made it into something they and the so-called conservatives have agreed to in order to hold and maintain power and created a ‘ruling class’ that resides in DC and this group has nothing to do with the rest of America…it’s comprised of the separate branches of government (Executive – president Barry ‘the One’ Hussein Obama, a Democrat or so he says, Legislative (a lower House, run by Republicans, a contemplative Senate run by Democrats and finally the Supreme Court (the Judiciary), composed of liberals, moderates and conservatives (it’s a real mess) who adjudicates major legal cases affecting how the lawsvare followed; we’re in the process of taking our countryback; at least I hope so; we have to; it’s gotten entirely out of hand; it will take a rather lengthy process but I think those of us who have tenacity and wherewithal can do it…who better than former military who understand tradition and what our freedoms really mean…individual liberty and freedom are not free and we will fight for it….got a new book by conservative talk show host and American constitutional attorney, Mark Levin, ‘The Liberty Amendments’,….just you wait….k

  4. There is only one group who will benefit from this absolute pot mess of madness; the global militant Islamist organisation of Al-Qaeda.

    Agreed 100%.

    My personal opinion is that those responsible for the use of chemical weapons should be tried and hung.

    Again agreed, but by who (or is it whom?)

    As for the Churchill bust, that was one of the first – but by no means the only or last – indicator that the SCOAMF currently wasting oxygen in the White House was a total embarrassment to those of us who value the traditional close relationship the U.S. has enjoyed with the U.K.

    1. CenTexTim, the ‘noose and drop’ should come under the control of the International Tribunal Court System, which effectively sits under the ‘blown inside out’ umbrella command of the United Nations.

      I have posted an update to my comment, which Sir Christopher Meyer articled this morning. (He is a bloody good bloke, and was a great ambassador for Great Britain).

      I have lost friends and associates over the last 30 years, who had stood shoulder to shoulder with various U.S. Armed Forces in zones of conflict, more injured beyond comprehension. I have no qualms about doing it all again if it was asked of me (my green beret and commando flashes are packed close by my desk).

      I truly believe the oxygen thief we have as a Prime Minister steals more wind everyday than your dear leader (but you can’t include deputies, as vacuum head Biden would allow you to win hands down)!


  5. I am strongly of the opinion that ours is a special relationship between two countries that is stronger than any politician’s personality. Whoever might be in office, should they be less than cordial, the relations exist despite them. . .

  6. “The whole situation within Syria, as well as the political situation within the Western world is now a rambling mess; mainly in part due to the ineffectiveness of the U.N.” No argument with this statement Except nothing has changed at the UN the mainly part is due to the lack of leadership in the U.S.
    Agree with Sara’s solution. “Let allah sort it out”

    1. NavyDavy, I agree with you, Syria is a Civil War that should be fought out between the numerous factions within.

      However; my great belief is that any country using chemical weapons on its own civilians, should have some form of action taken against them. It should be done after a thorough investigation, the evidence of which, has to be compelling to find those guilty.

      Then, and only then, the cry of ‘let loose the cruise’ should be heard around the world, sufficiently loud enough for every Dictator to require a triple dose of veterinary strength Imodium Plus, just to get them through the day.


    1. NavyDavy, you would have thought they could have at least pretended to spend some time in an office discussing matters further, even if they watched a movie with a sign on the door stating meeting in progress…

      Real words fail me!


      1. Just as my own personal rejoinder, Ex Bootneck; you are absolutely, spot on and the idiot is a terrible golfer…I’ve been playing since my step-father started teaching me at the age of twelve…and even then I played better that this Duffer-in-Chief….k

  7. I’ve got some thoughts about this whole thing but because I don’t want any black helicopters to swarm my house I will keep them private. What is that new saying: Freedom of speech as long as you agree with me. Frightening times we live in.

    1. Lauren, I only wish I could place a few home truths here, which I am unable to just yet. One day though…


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