Tag team sisters…

I promise you this is not a run on the theme of feisty red heads, this is about two members of the general public fighting back. The cyclist made an attempt at stealing the cash from the ATM, which belonged to two feisty red headed sisters making the withdrawal. As the notes the notes appeared from the machine the cyclist lunged forward to grab the cash, one of the sisters grabbed him in a head lock, while the other slapped him daft. Obviously the clown on the bike is not a reader of this blog…article-2403950-1B7F928A000005DC-232_634x439  The moment a cash machine thief got his come-uppance from two feisty sisters  article-2403950-1B7F928E000005DC-254_634x420 This is a public service announcement; attempting to steal money from feisty red heads, will end in humiliating failure, as well as receiving a police record. 

Yours Aye.     UPDATE: He’s been nicked….

4 thoughts on “Tag team sisters…

  1. There’s nothing like self-defense…when everyone has had enough, that’s what happens, Ex Bootneck and these sisters appear ‘ginger-haired’ as well…so another truism….and plenty to admire in the British spirit….have to admit, you’ve got that….k

  2. Kristen, he deserved every thing he got, and I believe he got off lightly under the circumstances.

    No doubt he will be molly coddled by a social worker, thats after he gets a slap on the wrist in a magistrates court.

    Iron discipline is required to set the ship back on an even keel, bring back birching…



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