Clandestine Operations

And the smell of hypocrisy from the European Union. Secret plane stuffed full of cash that saved the euro: When Greece burned and its banks melted, the EU talked tough and threatened to cut it loose… but covertly flooded it with 10billion If this operation happened for Greece, then it almost certainly happened for Cyprus, and the remainder of ‘PIIGS’ (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain). The EU is not fit for purpose…Untitled-3.jpgThe EU pushes openness, fairness and transparency between member states, except they don’t inform the little people who have to stump up the funding through added taxes. Roll on the referendum we have been promised (again) here in the UK. Though I doubt we will need it; the EU’s fraudulent activities combined with gross mismanagement has forced it into a dark slimy corner, with no way out. Had the EU been run as a business, it would have had to have declared itself bankrupt within three years of its conception.images

UPDATE: Greece says it wants ANOTHER £8billion to stay afloat – but won’t accept any more austerity measures A short stop gap to cover Government service pay. They will also require €250 Billion plus, as an additional bail out, which they have no hope of paying back. The European Union is a death star ready to implode. I have been practicing my Irish jig, ready for dancing on its grave…      Yours Aye.

2 thoughts on “Clandestine Operations”

  1. Ah, my friend….you should read the following if you really want to have that overwrought blood come to a simmer: the UN..
    It continues on to a Reuters report indicating the US’s NSA has been making friends throughout the known world by bugging at least 80 different buildings or was that agencies ? I thought Obama was going to make the world love us….apparently hatred is an easier emotion to evoke….he is an arrogant condescending and very small person when you get down to it…IMHO of course….k

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