Spanish flag sinks off Gibraltar

article-2400896-1B701B89000005DC-138_634x651Police stunt ‘violated British sovereignty’:  Spanish police have now come under fire for sending divers to inspect a concrete reef in Gibraltar’s international waters, who then took underwater pictures of themselves unfurling the Spanish flag.

Being a proud Englishman, and an ex Royal Marine, I can only presume that the Spanish and the French will be accustomed to seeing their national flags in such a way – salt water logged on the bottom of davy jones locker. (Of interest? My great, great, Grandfather [KIA 21 Oct 1805] and his brother, served as Marines aboard Nelsons Flagship, HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar 21 Oct 1805).Battle of Trafalgar-1346440

The Capture of Gibraltar – 24 July 1704 The famous attack upon Gibraltar, which led to its surrender to the British, on 24 July 1704 was carried out by a Brigade of British and Dutch Marines, 1800 strong, under the command of Prince George of Hese-Darmstadt. In the following October, Gibraltar was besieged by the French and Spanish. The Marines from the British Fleet, held the fortress against repeated attacks until the siege was raised on 9 March 1705. In one incident in this fighting, Captain Fisher of the Marines with 17 of his men, successfully defended the Round Tower against the continued assaults of 500 French Grenadiers. A contemporary report of this noted defence says, “Encouraged by the Prince of Hesse, the garrison did more than could humanly be expected, and the English Marines gained an immortal glory.”(17 Marines against 500 French, is hardly fair, Captain Fisher should have stood five Marines down for the weekend to even the odds)!.2539070868_08c9e1681a_z

Not only did we batter the Spanish, and took the ‘Rock’, we also done a few frogs over too – Huzza! BATTLE HONOUR: The Royal Marines display only one battle honour “Gibraltar” which is reflected upon their cap badge – their close relationship with Gibraltar continues, having in recent years been granted the Freedom of Gibraltar.

2013: Seconds out, round two. “Down ramp, out Marines”… With the new modern bayonet you would only be able to skewer two or three enemy at a time; with the old type 18″ bayonet of 1704 – you could have a dozen ‘paella-munchers’ on it and still have room for three frogs! Green Ops

Five Royal Marines, previously stood down, now ready to go… Yours Aye.

11 thoughts on “Spanish flag sinks off Gibraltar”

  1. So all those vaunted and adversarial relationships, as it were, continued …and I thought Britain, France and Spain were allies. You are, aren’t you? But you do have the EU…Seems like, it’s at least a competition….good luck….kind of funny really….k

    1. Kristen, in reality Europe is as splintered as it was prior to the European Union being formed. The UK is only part way attached to the EU, of which we are now ready to pull up the drawbridge. Retaining the £ Sterling against the €uro was our best mover ever…


    1. NavyOne, houwwwhhh, when they back off the Rock, we become allies again. Until then, not one forkful of paella shall pass my sealed lips!


  2. Ex? You sir are not an Ex-Marine. You earned the title. You get to keep it. We are only former Marines, prior-service Marines, or even dormant Marines. You’ll die a Marine. Better get used to it.

    1. OakieR, you are bang on the button with your analogy mate.

      When I left through the ancient steel gates of RM Barracks Stonehouse to go on three months ‘gardening leave’, I nodded to the armed Marine sentry, who was around 18-years-old. He stood proud, looked capable, and ‘aye’ ready; how I envied that young lad, who had at least 22 years to serve should he wish to.

      There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think about my adventures and life in a green lid, but my office is my sanctuary, as I am surrounded by 23 years worth of memories and ‘gizzits’ (give us it) from around the globe.

      My second adventure started on the afternoon of my termination date, which has provided an equal amount of memories as well as treasures, and I am only several years into it. Savouring every day as I awake, creating my own pressure as and when required.

      Now slightly slower than fast moving, but still capable of hard hitting, a coiled spring, with the tension eased slightly!


  3. I remember once between high school and college, I had to stand down because I was stood up!

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