Lunatics in charge of asylum

article-2398602-1B630F72000005DC-299_634x422Burglars in UK prison’s are being paid £20 a week to quiz the general public about their household goods and valuables: Convicts asking unsuspecting families if they want to save money on house insurance as part of ‘market research’. burglars in prison ‘call centres’ are paid £20 a week to quiz you about your house insurance and ask about your valuables You just couldn’t make it up if you tried…            Yours Aye.

3 thoughts on “Lunatics in charge of asylum”

  1. I’m not sure if you are aware of this little tidbit, Ex Bootneck but that may startle and surprise some to realize this, but here in America there are those in prison who are actual employees of telemarketing firms…’s a booming enterprise… such individuals in the American prison system make extra money by doing exactly as you describe in Britain….hey, they also have the highest level of converts to Islam in prisons too…just another little unavoidable factoid….k

  2. Kristen, it looks as though it will be stopped over here in the UK, pressure will be brought to bear from a powerful lobby. Such work should go to the private sector and the unemployed.

    I’m aware of the Islamic problem within the prison system. It is now being countered by further segregation and the introduction of local Imams who do not condone the extremist view point.

    My view is to heavily extend sentences for anyone practicing or teaching extremism within prison. Then kick them out of the country when their time is up.


    1. As you may or may not know, Ex Bootneck, we also have an illegal immigration problem here and getting rid of undesirables is an issue and a political lobby…you know how racist Americans are…our president and his DOJ are only enforcing laws they like, essentially throwing out our Constitution with the bath water….and the laws of the land…so we have a huge problem in that regard…we can’t get rid of 23 million illegals from South of the Border…how do we get rid of these others??? A valid question, don’t you agree???…k

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