Does size really matter?

Bigger isn’t always better, or is it? I suppose it comes down to the fact of how often the item in question is used, and how much pleasure is taken from it!article-2304579-191CB1C9000005DC-217_634x424

The Emirate Royal Family now rule the celebrity waves after it was revealed they own the world’s biggest mega-yacht, knocking Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s yacht ‘Eclipse‘ off the top spot. ‘Eclipse‘ had been the world’s biggest yacht for the past three years, but it has now been totally eclipsed by ‘Azzam‘ which is 54ft (16.5m) longer. The 590ft (180 metre) super-yacht is set to launch a new round of one-upmanship among the world’s super-richRoman Abramovich loses ‘world’s biggest yacht owner’ title to Emirati royals’ Personally, I’d much prefer one of these; negative brass work to polish, no chipping and painting, and who cares if it gets scratched or muddy when your out with your chums enjoying your self?
Royal Marines Storm the Beach During Amphibious Exercise
” A Life On The Ocean Wave, A-home on the rolling deep! Where the scater’d waters rave, And the winds their revels keep. Like an eagle caged I pine, On this dull, unchanging shore. Oh give me the flashing brine,The spray and the tempest’s roar”.                   

Yours Aye.

4 thoughts on “Does size really matter?”

  1. I had rather have one of those tugs. Hard, dirty work, but a cool way to make a living. You idea, EBN, is a good one, too. That would impress the ladies when you hit the beach and jump out in your speedo.

  2. Ya gotta admit Azzam is rather pretty. I think they shoulda called it Shazaam, meself.

    That said, I like your choice in water craft, EB… mainly for the firepower what’s in it. Nuthin’ like a chain gun on the bow to get people’s attention.

  3. Yay, Ex Bootneck…that yachtet is something else…conspicuous consumption…it’s almost embarrassing…especially when you consider most citizens of those 57 Muslim states with either their royalty or their ‘Islamic’ states allow abject poverty to exist and show their unbridled contempt by this show of such wealth…it’s both amazing and disgusting….just a random thought….k

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