Nick Newell, Motivator

Service members returning from combat with serious injuries sometimes face the terrible news of amputation. And the military is getting better with providing them mentors with insight into their condition:

Nick Newell, a World Series of Fighting lightweight star, visited with members of “Operation Warrior Reconnect,” the Los Angeles Times reported. He met with the troops last Wednesday in Camp Pendleton, Calif., and was humbled by their appreciation of him.

Nick Newell is an one-arm MMA fighter. Go to the link to see Nick fighting Keon Caldwell.

2 thoughts on “Nick Newell, Motivator”

  1. Nick Newell should visit whoever in the Pentagon decided to close the Warrior Cafe at Walter Reed. What a sorry excuse for ” taking care of our own “. REMF. Thank you FOX News.

    “The families and patients had a slightly different take. Many of them who spoke to Fox News are under the impression that the government didn’t like paying for the higher prices that come with the better food. ”

    1. This story really steamed me when I read it. Me and my division used to volunteer down there when we were stationed at the Fort. Some things were good and some things were lacking. I hope the press this story generated gets things right.

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