Kickalicious Gets a Kick Outta the Lions

You gotta love nick-names. I’ve a couple, some I’ll admit and one or two that I won’t. And I kind of like Havard Rugland’s. They call him Kickalicious:

Of all the good things we saw Friday night from the Detroit Lions’ revamped special teams, Havard Rugland’s performance was probably the least relevant. It’s nice that he converted two long field goals in the second half of a 26-17 victory over the New York Jets, but let’s face it. Chances are remote that the Lions will choose a place-kicker who is entirely new to the game over veteran David Akers, especially in this win-or-else season…

If nothing else, we’ve learned that “Kickalicious” is not a gimmick. He might have drawn the Lions’ attention through a now-viral YouTube video of trick kicks, but Friday night capped a camp performance that has suggested increasing legitimacy each day. In addition to hitting from 49 and 50 yards, Rugland also had two high kickoffs that allowed the Lions’ coverage team to stop the Jets’ returners short of the 25-yard line.

Wow, he got a try-out through a YouTube video. Kickalicious indeed.