For the love of Ginger

I took a call today from a very good mate who I served with many years ago. It has to be said that his Irish wit is quick to the draw, and bone dry.Guess where I am” says he, “On another planet as usual” I reply… The noise in the background was phenomenal, he was actually shouting down the phone in competition, it was obvious he was in drink, but in a happy-go-lucky sort of way. The_Commando_Memorial_(7)Then he dropped a bombshell, “I’ve just come out of the closet, and I’m taking part in a Gay pride march“… “Are ye still me mucker? [are you still my mate]. Above the noise, I let his words sink in slowly, I replied “You broke up, where are you“? He almost repeated the same words, over the almighty din of whistles, laughter, shouting, and the wail of bagpipes? “I’m in a Gay pride march, and I’m wearing me kilt as well, commando style“.

My mind went blank as this was once the epitome of a Royal Marine, my section used to joke that he looked like one of the bronze Commando’s on the Spean Bridge Memorial in Scotland. Over 6′ 2″ tall, broad, lean & mean, jet black hair, who was required to shave twice a day (as he used to sayonce for the Corps, once for the Queen) who lived a hard and fast social life, who was never ever seen out without a drop dead gorgeous woman on his arm  DownloadedFile(imagine a young mix of Pierce Brosnan and Colin Farrel, with piercing blue eyes, and the gift of the blarney as well as the craic).

I could only imagine what he must have been going through, living a lie for God knows how long “Listen mate, of course I’m still your mucker, especially after all of the nightmares we’ve been through over the years, it just come as a bit of a surprise thats all, you  know I’ve never been homophobic, ‘what will be will be’, and it is what it is”. imagesJust then the background noise stopped-dead as he stepped into a shop doorway. “What are you talking about“? says he; of which, I relayed back his original explanation of coming out of the closet, attending a Gay pride march, etc. Laughter, lots of laughter, he then explained the following. He was in Edinburgh for the comedy fringe festival, with an Australian redhead girl friend. Together they were attending a ‘Ginger pride march’ of which he had just come out of the gents closet (toilets) wearing a ginger wig in support of his redheaded girlfriend, as well as his Irish clan tartan kilt. Ginger and proud! More than 100 redheads march through Edinburgh in UK’s first Ginger Pride marcharticle-2388822-1B3AC92A000005DC-245_634x432 “Oh”, said I, composing myself, “well in that case I hope you and ‘ginge’ enjoy your selves, now bugger off and let me get on with some work”. He was still laughing as the phone went dead…

Yours Aye (who is taking no more calls today from strange Irish people wearing ginger wigs)!

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  1. Did you breathe a sigh of relief or did you want to drop him off the end of a bridge into a rushing stream? Seems to me he pulled off a great one and really yanked that chain…it sounded like the start of a meaningful story…and the punch line is….you certainly had me going for a few moments…k

    1. Kristen, it just did not compute at all, though I do understand that such things happen later in life for what ever the reason nature brings.
      Though I will admit that the ‘lost in conversation’ call with my mate did make me chuckle.

      Just recently some one I know has actually turned the other way, (gay from the age of 15, to straight at the age of 45), with the new woman in his life pregnant as a result. Funnily enough the bad feeling he suffered from some of his previous gay friends almost turned to hatred… not for me to figure that one out!


      1. Oddly enough and perhaps it isn’t but all those leftists with their politically correct fingerpointing and advising all of us to be tolerant of their gay brothers, sisters, feminists or whatever leftist cause du jour there is on any given day becomes anything but when the winds of change are pointed positively in their direction…they turn out to be the most intolerant bigots on the face of God’s green Earth…not to mention extremely hateful, contradictory and loaded with all those double standards …it’s amazing the change we see in such people…I often wonder why looking in that mirror is so difficult for them…you make a valid point…there doesn’t appear to be any kind of guilt for behaving so badly with so little charity towards our fellow human beings…it’s almost as if they feel justified in being vengeful …k

    1. Lauren, I was hoping to attend the festival, but accommodation was a problem for the dates I was free. Edinburgh is a great place for socialising, any day of the week.


  2. Sometimes we hear a completely different thing that was said. From the time he said he had just come out you lost all sense or reason. But that would also have made a great April Fools joke. Must remember that one.

    1. Coffeypot, one long patrol on the border in the sticks (bandit country) in Northern Ireland on a pitch black night. It was mid-winter and the weather had closed in with a slow swirling mist cutting the visibility down to zero, the point man was a Corporal who decided to follow a dry stone wall to our lie up position. From where we were to lay up for two days in an ambush position, as the IRA had been conducting illegal check points in the area.

      I was the senior Corporal ‘tail end charlie’ bringing up the rear, when the Marine in front of me tapped me on the shoulder and slowly went to ground, using his clenched fist with the thumb down sign for ‘enemy’, and then indicated their direction.

      He leaned over to me as word from the point man come back gypsies whisper style, “Get down, I’m preparing to fire”… I knew some thing was wrong as the lead man was as experienced as I, he would never pass back such a command. I appointed the marine in front of me to watch our rear as I crawled forward; I countermanded the order to each Marine as I crawled by them.

      My oppo’s eyes lit up as I crouched next to him waiting for my explanation, I explained “The enemy sign was indicated, and the word came back to get down, your preparing to fire”… He held his hand to my face and I could just make out a pair of heavy duty wire cutters in it… He then pointed at the problem, and whispered “Get down, I’m cutting through wire” for there blocking our route was a barbed wire entanglement, which he had already ripped and snagged his jacket on…

      Another classic from the Falklands was on the epic yomp across the island, knee deep in peat bogs, and rock runs. Just before dusk the word was passed back from the point way up front, “Galterri’s dead” (General Galterri was the Argentinean, running the war on the Argies side).
      The message should have been “Air warning Red”… (Hostile aircraft inbound).


  3. You are indeed a good “mucker” :)

    [who has many gay friends but only a handful of gingers. We need more of those I think!]

    1. Pax, I believe he and his redhead will be visiting my location soon, as they make their way back South to London… I will lay ‘odds on’ that he turns up in his ginger wig and kilt; I will never hear the end of it.


    1. Buck, he is a practical joker… One day (having been on the receiving end of several of his wind ups) I returned the favour, and put two raw eggs in the toes of his combat boots, making sure they were wedged in tight; I knew at least one would get him.

      Sure enough, I heard him scream my name down the Company lines after he pushed his foot into the high legged boot.

      He returned the favour a few weeks later; when I reached under my bunk for my training shoes, as I leaned over to lift them from the wooden deck, I pulled myself down onto it… He had nailed them down using six inch nails!

      I could go on, but this is PG rated…


    1. Old NFO, lost comm’s is definitely a military thing…

      However, an Irishman in Edinburgh with whiskey and beer on tap, wearing a ginger wig and a kilt (commando style) on a saturday afternoon, at the height of the comedy fringe festival; is a recipe for disaster that even International Rescue would fail in assisting.


  4. Heheh, your buddy pulled one on you! As I read the punchline, I kept thinking about that movie Brave, the one with the little girl with the red hair. When I went up to the Highland games, every other girl had a red wig! Like your buddy. . .

    1. NavyOne, he has since promised to darken my doorstep this friday lunchtime, accompanied by his ‘ozzie’ ginger redheaded girlfriend. I just know he will wear his bloody ginger wig all the while he is here, and I also know he has bought one for me to wear; just to prove that I am not ‘gingeristical‘… (if such a racialist word exists).

      I am toying with the idea of having the entrance to the drive blocked to deny all entry!


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