I Buy a Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Machine

Coco Exposed Wheatgrass
Coco Exposed Wheatgrass

Yesterday, I had a minor health scare. After a hard hour-and-a-half workout, I noticed that I started to go visually blind on my right side. I recognized what was going, stopped working out, and began drinking coconut water, a sports drink. I showered, left the gym, and sat in my car. And guzzled 48 more ounces of the stuff. (It’s a wheatgrass, aloe, coconut water thing. A good source of potassium.) I then noticed that I was losing slight feeling in my right side and my hearing was ebbing. I really hoped I was just short of electrolytes. (I also ate three quick nutritional bars, I was somehow famished.)

My plan for the day was to buy a piece of gym equipment off Craigslist, known as the Power Step Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine, something I could take to Japan. I am a little bit of wheeler and a dealer, so my strategy was to bargain with the owner. And knock some money off the price. When I had called her the prior night, it turned out to be owned by an 86 year-old woman. And I just had no heart of bare-knuckle deal with her. I paid full price which was still 33% of retail for a machine used three times. Don’t laugh, Whole Body Vibration is really relaxing:

Power Step Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Machine
Power Step Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Machine

As the plate vibrates (Oscilates) under the users feet, muscles are forced to relax and contract subconciously in order to maintain balance and stability. The users own body weight acts as the resistance, causing the body to burn calories quickly and efficiently….

Unlike any other exercise machine, you can do anything from just standing on the plate, up to a full body workout (replacing that trip to the gym). Since we are already providing more repetition than your body is capable of on its own, any extra weight you add becomes that much more effective. By focusing more weight on your arms for a push up (hands on vibration plate), not only can you build strength and muscle, our added repetitions will tone and firm at the same time!!

Truly, WBV is very invigorating. Do I expect it to make me stronger or more toned? Not really, but I do like its relaxing properties. It would be ideal for kids or adults with autism disorders; it really grounds you into your body. I am not a doctor, but I can see practical application for all sorts of ADD/ADHD afflictions.

Power Step Wave Vibration
Power Step Wave Vibration

As I called the owner of my new piece of gear to confirm the pick-up time, I noticed I could not string two words together. My mind was not working properly. My IQ felt in the low 60s. Long story short: I sat in my car for awhile as my body recuperated. In thirty minutes, I was nearly back to tip-top shape.

I ended up spending a good part of the morning rearranging the elderly lady’s living room. (Who wheeled and dealed with whom?) After I bought her WBV machine, she needed some assistance moving her furniture. And I am a sucker for helping folks. I enjoyed it, she was very sweet. I brought my machine home and went to bed at 8 that night. I got to remember to drink more when I work out. That was slightly scary. I’ve had it happen once before, in high school, when I got dehydrated running cross-country. Some fluids and I was good to go then too…

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  1. Navy One, you should really be careful there….and be fully prepared before you work out like that….that almost sounds like a heart scare…although I can’t be sure since I’ve never experienced it myself…although I have had some experiences that were physiologically terrifying….cold sweats on mid watches were really frightening….and everything else that went along with it…but anyway…you need to be around people when the possibility of something like that occurs….you just never know….k

  2. Kris: Momentarily slip. Hard workout. And I was not prepared fluid wise. But I knew what was going on while it was happening.
    ND: I don’t buy any health claims this machine makes. (I did read that link some time ago.) What I like about the machine is that it is incredibly relaxing. I sleep like a baby and it stretches out all my connective muscles. I feel more limber with it.

  3. Take it easy there, Navy One…Sleep and hydration work wonders but it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor or PA about what happened.

    1. Very good advice. I did, informally. And have heeded common-sense. It was odd, but I push myself hard and I got overheated. It was a muggy day for San Diego, which we never have. I can’t ever remember one. So I had that whammy too. . .

  4. NavyOne, I have always used coconut water for rehydration (as does a certain Princess who has just had a baby)! The benefits of C water far out weight those of ‘sugary power drinks’.

    In the mid 80’s the Unit PTI from 40 CDO RM organised a Commando Marathon around the undulating, twisting, country roads and lanes of Dartmoor (not one piece of flat road anywhere). Although it was classed as a ‘voluntary’ evolution for a local charity, it was actually a ‘clear lower deck’ 100% muster for all ranks to attend.

    A good mate introduced me to the benefit of C water prior to the training, which I also used throughout the marathon, as well as afterwards to top up on fluid. I have always given my dogs the same in summer as a supplement to water. They thrive on it.

    In the Pacific theatre during WWII, the Corpsmen of the U.S.N. as well as the USMC were taught that the same water from green C nuts could be used for IV hydration, as it has the same electrolyte balance as the body (as long as the C water is sterile within the nut). The same procedure was used by the medics of the Chindits who fought against the Japanese.
    (The coconut tree is known as ‘mother earth tree’ as it has so many survival uses, it still sustains life within many Pacific islands).

    The C water also promotes a healthy heart, assists in weight loss, and can also improve kidney function. One large cup of coconut water has only 46 calories, which blows sugary drinks out of the water!

    Once the ‘celeb’ world get wind of the benefits of C water, the price of green coconuts will hit the roof….. It’s out best kept secret, so the word of the day is Mum.


    1. Alright, I am in good company! I love the stuff. Just discovered it last year. It is rejuvenative, especially on a hard workout. I can go through a case in less than week. (1 case = 12 large cans.) Interesting that our guys have been using it for that long. . .

    2. So, in other words, we should be pushing how horrible Coconut water is…its terrible. Its made by an CO2 emitting industry. It’s so NOT GREEN, that its red. Evil machines are involved. Republicans are in favor of coconut water!

      ssshhhh…don’t tell them

  5. Since we gave up sugar and diet drinks, etc, I have been wondering what would be a good alternative to restore electrolytes after a long bike ride. Thanks for the tip. Now you stay hydrated yourself.

    By the way, did my 25 miles in the Duncan Dehydrator without any problemas. In fact, the temps here in southern OK were fairly mild for this time of year. Last time I rode in the DD, it was about 113 – that was a bad day.

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