Romany Malco, Marine

Romany Malco writes for Huffington Post. (Well, he wrote one article for them.) His by-line identifies that he was in the Marine Corps as well as work as a music producer and actor:

Romany MalcoActor Romany Malco has appeared in such films as The 40 Year Old Virgin, Baby Mama, Blades of Glory and Think Like a Man as well as starring in the TV show Weeds. A former Marine from Brooklyn, he was a member of the rap group College Boyz which had a number one hit with Victim of the Ghetto.

He also wrote an eminently reasonable questioning of the whole Zimmerman/Martin affair. In Romany’s writing, I sense societal equality, like that of Erik Rush.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I watched Geraldo Rivera on Fox tonight – he had a panel of 3 highly educated black men. They all said basically the same thing. With the hundreds of black people (including young children) who are killed every year in Chicago, why isn’t anyone protesting about that? Why? Because the media is not making an emotional case for it, they do report it, but mainly as matter of fact. “42 people were murdered in Chicago over the weekend, and in other news….” I guess it does not get the ratings of this one case where both sides made mistakes in Florida.

  2. Romany Malco articulated the issue extremely well, as have several educated black people that I have read of over the past few days. It is a pity that certain spiritual christian pastors could not stand back and do the same, instead of leaping on the podium to self publicise.

    It is a pity that the President could not do the same, instead of trying to bury bad news of the largest city in American history filing for bankruptcy, by holding a press conference about Trayvon Martin, in an attempt to continue the race baiting in the hope the shadow continues to cover the demise of Detroit! (One of several Cities that will follow the same path).

    In my own humble opinion The President and his entourage are not fit for public office, past international/national events have proven that. The truth will eventually out itself, and then I hope it destroys the career of every politician involved. I do say this as an Englishman, and a true friend and admirer of America and its people. When you sneeze, we eventually catch your cold, which is why a lot of people over here watch your politics closely. (Europe can sneeze as often as it wants, it never affects our health or well being).

    How many times does the system want to retry a ‘not guilty’ person, before they find him guilty to appease the uneducated masses, regardless of race or creed?

    One blog I quickly peruse each day is Theo Spark ‘Last of the Few’ (its how I happened to trip into NavyOne’s blog). A clip from the blog has done the rounds over here in the UK, and I believe Europe has also taken an interest in it. The clip (of which I have since researched the evidence shown) holds up well to the evidential fact portrayed.

    For your perusal… after which remember it was the President himself that said “Treyvon Martin could have been me”… Note to President ‘Engage brain before opening mouth, and stop sharing water from the same jug as Joe Biden’.

    Yours Aye.

    1. And Ex Bootneck, this is what many of us deduced long ago with this person occupying the White House…and Navy One will never say it because he can’t; so I will…Mr. Obama’s comments and statements are not said because he is an ’empty suit’, he’s brainless or the ‘Emperor’ with no clothes; it’s purposeful…in that his and his fellow traveler’s intentions are to take down America and reduce it to one among many nations…to make us less exceptional and less America…that’s his goal and to whatever extent he is and has been relatively successful..and that remains because he is black and people are afraid of him…I hope you’re right but the damage he’s doing is reprehensible and disgusting…he’s in the process of destroying our institutions and our country while he’s at it …and because the left controls so much of the country, everyone is just watching it happen…they have nothing to replace it with except more bureaucracy…the left is destroying our military and that’s irrefutable…and they march on…Obama’s a disaster and no one seems capable of stopping him; the Constitution means nothing to him and now this…how many more tipping points does our benighted country have to endure before we collectively tell this man no more!!??…k

  3. Several conservative pundits are talking about the Trayvon matter and after awhile they sound like wah wah wah…They are pretty much preaching to the choir. It’s refreshing to hear Romany’s thoughts. Whittle’s video was outstanding…
    EB, nice comment, especially the part about Biden’s water jug.

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