Diseases from Afghanistan

Gonorrhea or Syphilis in the Navy
Gonorrhea, Syphilis in the Navy

When it comes to sexual diseases and the military, Dear Abby (AKA Abigail Van Buren, AKA Jeanne Phillips) is the recognized expert. Read this:

DEAR ABBY: My husband is in Afghanistan for a year. When he returns, I want to ask him to get tested for STDs before we have sex. I do not have any specific reason to think he would be having sex with someone while deployed, but let’s face it. He’s a man, and a year is a long time to abstain when there are females present. I have seen text messages from his buddies that read, “What happens on deployment stays on deployment,” regarding them cheating on their spouses.

vintage std propaganda
Vintage std propaganda poster

How do I approach the subject in the most effective way? I know that when I do, he will be mad, but it’s not the first time that STDs have been a problem in our relationship. Help! — THINKING OF MY HEALTH

DEAR THINKING OF YOUR HEALTH: One would think that a man who loves his wife would want to be absolutely positive that he wouldn’t give her a sexually transmitted infection. However, because your husband has given you one before, it is perfectly logical that you tell him it is the reason you want him to be tested before resuming your marital relationship.

Good advice. . .

3 thoughts on “Diseases from Afghanistan”

  1. Yes dear. We will have the test together. After all a year is a long time and you had more freedom for extra-material adventures than I did. Fair is fair.

  2. Beat me to it Coffeypot, I have also never known a Royal Marine come back from a long deployment, to find ‘himself’ pregnant!

    Which reminds me of a good old song, sung along to the tune of ‘These foolish things’ (remind me of you)…

    A sweaty sock besides an old french letter,

    A dose of Gonorrhea that won’t get better,

    You make my heart go zing,

    These foolish things, remind me of you…

    Lots more to it, but this is a family show…

    Yours Aye.

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