Cedar Point Accident and Roller Coaster Death?

What is going on? Two major accidents at amusement parks are in the news on the same day. Is the weather making folks lazy and complacent about safety? A roller coaster death:

A woman who died while riding a roller coaster at a Six Flags amusement park in North Texas fell from the ride, an Arlington police sergeant said Saturday.

Sgt. Christopher Cook told The Associated Press that police believe the woman fell Friday at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, and that there appears to have been no foul play.

Park spokeswoman Sharon Parker confirmed that a woman died while riding the Texas Giant roller coaster — dubbed the tallest steel-hybrid coaster in the world — but did not specify how she was killed.

Some witnesses said the woman who died wasn’t properly secured.

And then the Cedar Point accident:

 A boat on a thrill ride at an amusement park that bills itself as the best in the world accidentally rolled backward down a hill and flipped over in water when the ride malfunctioned Friday, injuring all seven people on it.

Operators stopped the Shoot the Rapids water ride after the accident, which occurred on the ride’s first hill, the Cedar Point amusement park said. Park police officers, medical technicians, ride operators and park visitors waded into the water and helped the passengers off the boat.

Cedar Point officials wouldn’t say how the boat landed after rolling downhill. But witnesses told the Sandusky Register newspaper the boat flipped on its side or upside down.

Matthew Orr, of Euclid, was at the park and said people were belted into the boat and were trapped.

As a part-time blogger, I look for trends. Can we blame complacency brought on by the weather? That the folks in charge of making sure that the safety regulations are followed were distracted? Or is this a poor excuse, in a field where there should be none? (Update: This link very clearly shows what occurred at Cedar Point.)