LT Eric Garcetti, El Lay Mayor

I’ve worked with a fair number of Navy Reserve folks. Many were quite adept at their Navy job, while others seemed like weekend warriors. Some excelled at balancing their civilian work with their naval duties. And then there was LT Eric Garcetti:

Eric Garcetti, then a city councilman, speaks last August at a former Navy and Marine Corps Reserve center that now serves as a Fire Department training center.
LT Eric Garcetti, then a city councilman

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti must resume his part-time duties as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve with a stint on Saturday and Sunday at a military facility near the 710 Freeway in Bell.

Since 2005, when he enlisted, Garcetti has worked about 40 days a year on training and exercises with the reserve’s intelligence service, juggling his military obligations with his full-time job as a member of the City Council — and now, as mayor.

“While serving in the Navy, he’s also mayor of Los Angeles, and is in contact with his staff and the Police and Fire departments, and is ready to act just as if he were doing any other activity over the weekend,” spokesman Yusef Robb said.

Garcetti, whose specific assignments are classified, plans to work all day Saturday and Sunday at the Navy Operational Support Center in Bell, but spend Saturday night at his family’s home in Silver Lake.

“If something were to happen, he can break away,” Robb said.

Garcetti abandoned a trip to Washington and returned home this week after violence and vandalism broke out in Los Angeles as protesters vented their anger over the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Florida killing of teenager Trayvon Martin. On Saturday morning, civil rights groups are planning a “Justice for Trayvon” vigil and rally outside the federal courthouse downtown.

I’ll have to keep my eye open for El Mayor. I got some gripes about some bad guacomole I bought down on Pico a coupla years ago. . .

4 thoughts on “LT Eric Garcetti, El Lay Mayor”

  1. I think being in the military and the mayor in LA would be equivalent to have a child eating cannibal as mayor, too. But in LA, the cannibal would probably win, the love the military so much.

  2. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? I would think considering the heavy duty complexities of leading the city of Los Angeles, being in the Navy especially as a reservist should take a back seat to effective governance…obviously, he’s not doing the best job with LA, as we have seen most recently…I’ll just let it go….there’s no real excuse for what’s happening across the US over this weekend thanks to the miasma that the DC political world and why our ruling class elitists there are allowing this to happen……and any blue state or large city needs to get a grip on reality…we have a leader in Washington DC who can’t lead his way out of a paper bag and instead chooses to incite racial violence and civil unrest…I’m so thoroughly disgusted with these people who along with their own condescension and arrogance tell us how we’re supposed to live our lives and think somehow they know better than the rest of us….this doesn’t sit well at all….k

  3. Lou: I’ve never tried this quac you speak of. I shall keep my eyes open for it.
    CP: Haha, I like how you think.
    Kris: I imagine he would steer clear of anything that spoke of conflict. Plus, he is a intel weenie. . .

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