Good things & small packages

As far as properties go, big is no longer a beautiful thing.article-2367293-1ADC5173000005DC-864_634x856 At under eight feet wide, most people would automatically pity the owners of this narrow house. But far from being cramped, this home gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’, as behind its thin door is a sprawling property that actually spreads along.
Welcome to the wedge! 90in-wide house which expands to over 22ft at the back is transformed into £800,000 luxury home
Tom and Sarah Tidbury of Clapham, South West London, have really made the most of their space after they purchased the period property in 2009.

That’s London for you, along with its crazy prices. But, you could save your self £75, 000 and buy this cheeky little abode in Ogleforth, York YO1 A unique piece of city centre heritage situated in the exclusive and most central location, sat in the shadow of The York Minster itself. The oldest part of this property is believed to date back to the 1700s with a wealth of unique features including the tower, and one of the last remaining gas lights in York. The property stands at the end of Ogleforth a short 100 yard walk along a medieval cobbled street to The Minster and beautiful Minster gardens. Just doing my civic duty. Yours Aye.

7 thoughts on “Good things & small packages”

  1. I would spring for the York Ogleforth property if I had the clams. The London wedge’s probably fun and interesting and overpriced. . .

    1. NavyOne, I know of the York property as well as the surrounding picturesque area. Within the current market I would edge my bet on the York property dropping another 50K through negotiation.

      In actual fact, the property in London would cost around £200.000 if it was placed in York.

      The great North/South divide, which keeps us poorer Northerners humble as we know our place… (Heh Heh… its our best kept secret, keeping the idiots who are prepared to pay Southern prices, down South).


  2. There is a house like that in Charleston, SC, just off The Battery. I had a Chevy Impala the was longer that the house is wide. And the house sits at an angle to the street, not straight back.

    1. Coffeypot, I would have sold the house, and bought a quality motorhome for 200K.

      I would have gone travelling for ten years, England in the summer, and Spain/Morocco for the winter. And still have a shed full of money in the bank!


  3. That is a very cool little house. There is an older style house here in the south called a shotgun house – very narrow.

    When I spent some time in Scotland, I watched a TV show called, “Under the Hammer.” along with some other shows concerning housing in England.

    1. Lou, I’m a bit of a neat freak, but even that place is too small for me, though it would be ok as a pied-à-terre for over nighters in York.

      I have watched some of the property auction shows you mentioned, they were quite popular over here, which actually had an effect in propping up the property market that was in the doldrums at the time.

      My next move will be my last, which I hope will be soon.


  4. About 35 years ago, walked past a house in Wales that was only 7 feet wide.

    No idea if it still exists or what it would sell for.

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