A letter beyond contempt

Last week, Malala Yousafzai, ‘the brave Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban’ addressed the U.N. Youth Assembly in New York on Friday 12th July.article-0-1AC8A8FE000005DC-230_634x421 

The day was equally as special to her for another reason, it was Malala’s 16th birthday. The speech Malala made was in her own hand, and direct from her heart, It earned a standing ovation and rightly so

It would appear that Malala opened up Pandora’s box that day, as her newly found position as a political activist has given her personal cause a powerful platform, far more powerful than the one used by the cowards who tried to take her life. Malala has just received a letter from Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed, which is a letter beyond contempt. ‘Dear Malala, this is why we tried to kill you’ The pen wielded by Malala Yousafzai, has proven to be mightier than the ‘7.62mm’ sword of Adnan Rasheed! I would urge you to listen to the speech given by 16-year-old Malala, on a birthday that her family thought would never happen. 

Yours Aye.

6 thoughts on “A letter beyond contempt”

  1. She also advocates jihad against the united states. She believes in what is personally good for her, but not for the west.
    She believes in the Koran…
    You ever read that crap?

    Yes..that is right…she venerates a (man) who marries six year olds and who believes every muslim should kill anyone who doesn’t believe as him.
    She is two faced.
    Learn MORE about this GIRL.

    1. Fritzy old chum. Not wishing to pee on your bonfire of assumptions, the following for your edification.

      I firmly believe that young Malala Yousafzai does not advocate any form of ‘Jihad’ against the United States, or any Western government. There certainly has not been any proof offered in the MSM to contradict this. In fact to date this young lady has only ever sung the praise of the Western world, which offered expert medical assistance when it was desperately needed.

      Malala Yousafzai does believe in the “Koran’, but not all of the teachings in the aggressive form. Her passive belief is one of the reasons why she was targeted, not just once, but several times. Each time this remarkable young lady stood up to those who would wish to do her harm. Which I think you will agree, is quite a noble and brave thing to do when you are 15 years old.

      Through a time in my past career I had cause to study the 1356 pages of the “INTERPRETATION ~ of the Meanings of ~ THE NOBLE QUR’AN ~ In the English Language” (summarised in 1 Volume).
      Published by: Maktaba Dar-us-Salam
      P.O. Box: 21441, Riyadh 11475,
      Tel: 4033962 – Fax: 4021659
      Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (in case you require one)?

      Which I personally thought the time involved could have been better spent on more constructive events. However, the powers that be insisted otherwise, and it was obvious that they knew what ‘they were talking about’. Several assessment’s followed by a final exam, left me in no doubt that the diktat of ‘know your enemy, and understand him better than he you’ was fulfilled.

      The link you provided to Steven Crowder’s “JESUS V MUHAMMED” comedic tale failed to light the fire in my belly. Obviously it is aimed at the technical age of 10 year olds who should be in bed by 8pm on school days, or 10pm on non-school days.

      Sadly, Malala Yousafzai is actually disfigured and not “two faced”. This being the result of a high velocity ‘short’ 7.62 X 39 mm copper coated steel round hitting her above her left eye, exiting her neck in a downward motion, and entering through, and into her shoulder. At the time of impact the skull does expand for a nanosecond due to percussion and velocity expansion attributed to the impact force, this possibly could give the appearance of having two faces?

      However, I would think to the naked eye this trauma could not be picked up. It would require a form of specialised high-speed digital camera, as the round exiting the rifled barrel starts to pick up its muzzle velocity of 2,396 feet per second. A very expensive camera of this sort was definitely not available at the time of the incident.

      I have no doubt we are all going to learn a lot more about this remarkable girl over the coming years. Receiving a form of absolution letter from a Taliban leader isn’t a bad start, hey?

      Toodle pip…

    1. Old NFO, I endorse your sentiment, and offer a triple F to him, his minions, and the donkey he rides around on!


  2. Reading Fritz’s comment above, I wonder if he is sounding off or this young woman really feels this way. My thoughts, she does not advocate jihad against the US.

    1. NavyOne, I think young Fritzy needs to spend some time away from his game machine of shoot-em-up-kill-em-all-dead!

      As we all know, an out and out Crusaders Holy war will never happen.
      The ‘book of nonsense’ has to be turned around to the correct way of its original teachings. The influence of Western culture will do the rest, pushed along by certain ‘under the counter’ operatives within the financial sector.

      Oh if it were to be that simple.


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