Fungi feelings & magic mushrooms

The Dear Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, visited a magic mushroom farm and found himself surround by giggling women (no surprise there then)?  Kim Jong-un mobbed by ‘fans’ during visit to mushroom farm in North Korea v2-kim1

To be truthful I also have the urge to grab him; around the throat to shake hands with his wind pipe...

Yours Aye.

3 thoughts on “Fungi feelings & magic mushrooms”

  1. After all, sir, the man may not be an eligible bachelor but he isn’t dead …not yet anyway….I think I’ve seen his wife…kinda cute and shorter than him? In North Korea, she’s obviously the belle of the ball….and who wouldn’t want to be especially there?….perhaps he’s entertaining some extracurricular activities??….k

  2. Kristen, giggling women a plenty, and a mushroom farm with the Dear leader present, there has to be a punch-line in the story some where?

    I’m working on it 😉


  3. Not much of a surprise as he looks like a walking, talking mushroom. Just a thought…

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