As mad as a bag of frogs

A chapette
A chapette

Summer madness and eccentricity is in full swing over here in jolly old Blighty.
Chap Olympics hits town English tea and crumpets, cream teas and garden fetes, morris men a dancing, long country walks in cotton shirts and flannel trousers, umbrella jousting on bicycles, and nettles eating championships in 32’C heat. ‘Chapette smoking her pipe and drinking tea’.


What better way to end the day than watching the sun gently extinguish itself on the horizon, whilst holding a glass of red wine, or sipping chilled glasses of Pimm’s ‘sundowners’ with friends. Chaps and chapettes, and jolly old England, absolutely spiffing hey ~ what? ‘Chap glopping wine with a chum’.              

Yours Aye.

13 thoughts on “As mad as a bag of frogs”

  1. Well Ex Bootneck, your day is drawing to a close while ours is just beginning…appropriate, no doubt…and where I am we are experiencing a refreshing morning rain after yesterday’s 102 degree F. scorcher… What is 32 degrees C anyway…I’ll have to check and comparison shop….k

    1. Kristen, the sun is just starting to draw down, it should be away within the hour. And I believe we are only six hours in front of you over there in Texas, as I type this at 20:53 hrs GMT

      1. Truth to tell, Ex Bootneck, it’s seven hours…EST (DST really) is six hours and that’s on the Eastern seaboard…the Atlantic side…here in DFW area (Texas) we’re located in the Central Time Zone so that’s an additional hour…all the over in Navy One’s and Lil Chantilly’s time zone (Pacific time) that would be nine hours…just saying….right now you’re probably at 2300 Zulu (GMT) local time zone as I calculate it….k

  2. Okaayyy… :-) Gotta say that one is a bit of a retro look at the good old days in plummy old England… :-) But the tea and crumpets??? Oh HELL no, coffee and something OTHER than a damn cucumber sandwich please!

    1. Old NFO, that is my wardrobe attire you are besmirching, I refuse to get with the beat and wear jeans that show off my under-crackers…

      I am with you on the cucumber sandwiches though, I would have to eat a 40ft container full just to get over a hunger pang!


  3. Loved the chaps and chapettes (although wary of the hipster element.) The nettle eating contest, no thanks. And the dancing Morris men? I thought that was how you all walked over there! No?

    1. NavyOne, I actually had a go at a nettle eating competition to raise funds for charity; absolutely not recommended!

      Further more, it has been said that I am a bit of a dapper ‘chap’ myself, though I refuse to grow my moustache into a ‘Biggles’ droop, as they require waxing daily.

      And as the great man George Bernard Shaw said “You should try everything in life except incest and Morris Dancing – incest because it is illegal, and Morris Dancing because it should be.”


      1. Part of the definition of hipster involves a lack of (inner) character. That they seek in their clothes to appear to have been-there/done-that, without having the been/done. I know a retired Master Chief who twirls his mustache with wax like a hipster, but has enough character and personality to pull it off. Like him, I seriously doubt you are in danger of being labeled a hipster. . .

        1. NavyOne: During a long deployment our old and bold Company Sergeant Major (WOII) gave me a pep talk, as was the tradition for all newly promoted Corporals. The WOII was greatly respected by all ranks throughout the Commando Unit, and in all my time of knowing him I only once heard him raise his voice, as did the remainder of the fighting company who snapped to attention and hoisted in his chosen words.

          It was a known fact that he controlled the weather, the sea state, and the rotation of the world! All with the movement of his eyebrows…

          Late one afternoon at the end of an long day of live firing exercises in Sardinia, we got chatting as we waited for transport. He asked me what book I was currently reading, (it was ‘Shogun’ by James Clavell) I explained I had just finished a book, and I was actually out of ‘paper’.

          Later he came back and dropped a worn and battered paper back onto my bergan; The life and time of Lao Tzu, the Father of Taoism. Inwardly I groaned as it looked a little heavy going, and I felt honour bound to read it. As it happened I devoured it. One particular quote by the Chinese ‘Old Master’ had the corner of the page folded over as a marker. I have just found it, and it follows thus.

          Watch your thoughts;
          They become words.
          Watch your words;
          They become actions.
          Watch your actions
          They become habits.
          Watch your habits;
          They become character.
          Watch your character;
          It becomes your destiny.
          Lao Tzu.

          True words.


        1. Pax, I absolutely love tiffin, there was a time when the General Service 24 hr ration pack contained two bars. As well as a tube of greengage jam to spread on the biscuits brown, though I must admit, it was a pleasure when they brought out packs of ‘dead fly biscuits’ to replace them (garibaldi).

          Bah! Humbug! To the day they ceased making such delicacies!


  4. Cheers! Here’s to the most civilized country in the world!

    “Under-crackers”?? How very interesting.

    1. Lou, the moronic trend of the kids who walk around with the waist band (of their skinny jeans) sitting under their buttocks really winds me up.

      My mate who has a cafe in York asks them to wear them like a man, or go buy order elsewhere, its 50/50 whether they stay or leave, and he could care less either way. One day a young kid said “your not my Dad”. His reply was “I know son, because if I was you wouldn’t be allowed out on your own”.

      The two young girls he was with thought it was hilarious, and he stormed out ~ the girls stayed and ordered.

      Gentlemen ex-commando’s do not suffer with such exposure…


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