Oil up the chainsaw

Having double checked my diary, I am absolutely clear that as I type this at 21:12 hrs GMT, it is still Thursday 11th July 2013. Which means that the following link is not an April 1st bite. The link also has a movie clip, (for those out of mind bleach you may wish to view it later). WARNING: the link also contains cliches so corny that you may wish to turn off the sound completely.
article-2360579-1AC47C98000005DC-535_634x473Is this the most ridiculous movie ever made? Los Angeles ‘destroyed by flying sharks sucked up by tornado’ Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the newly released Hollywood TV movie, that is ‘SHARKNADO’ (no sharks or ‘actors’ were hurt in the making of this film) Unfortunately!        

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7 thoughts on “Oil up the chainsaw”

  1. I have o agree. That is the dumbest thing on film since Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I don’t think I would watch if for free.

    1. Coffeypot, cheesier than a french cheese factory on a summers day with the central heating on…

      That’s as cheesy as it gets!


  2. I actually saw that too….and ‘Killer Tomatoes’ was a campy film much loved and appreciated by those who followed it….and the Kentucky Fried Movie….stupid is as stupid does….k

    1. Kristen, hopefully Hollywood is running out of ideas, which may well mean a return to the days of yore, when it was worth going to the cinema.


      1. Ex Bootneck, you would think so….tired old ideas repeated endlessly; a new scenario, a different point of view…something, anything that wasn’t a rehash of thoughts long past their expiration date…,k

  3. Hmmm, I kind of had my eye on this movie for the last two days. (I mean who can resist such captions: Aubrey Peeples is unaware that a killing machine appears to be hurtling towards her – singing a merry song by the looks of things – in a scene from Syfy’s Sharknado.)

    1. NavyOne, it almost makes a person want to stay indoors all summer…

      Wait for the sequel, ‘Whalenado’ (you read it here first)!


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