No Cake for Us

no cakeHey, don’t break out the cake, but this blog is two years old. Yep, time for the terrible twos. The most interesting part of blogging is the interaction with you, the readers. Thanks for coming by, chatting, sharing your story.

I’ve also come to realize, through blogging, that I enjoy stories about people who have taken action in some form or another. If my blogging is about anything, it is about human potential, both realized and not. Very often the folks are in the military or related to it. Or sometimes not. I do not strive to stay in any set theme and I appreciate your indulgence of my tangents.

I also appreciate the new bloggers to this site, Ex Bootneck (who blogs frequently) and TEXTA (who is shy.) We are a smallish, boutique blog and we just hit 2114000 pageviews. (I put this in for historical purposes, sorry if it makes you groan. Not my intention.) We’ve 4248 posts, 22,689 comments, and 20,172 tags. And Akismet has stopped 76,949 pieces of spam. That is all…

8 thoughts on “No Cake for Us”

  1. And from me too, Navy One and Only…I always get to your postings last because you’re the best …and you should know the expression, ‘saving the best for last’…congratulations on another year…k

  2. Happy Birthday NavyOne. It was a good day when I discovered you and I count you (and Ex Bootneck) as among my favorite bloggers and web friends. I look forward to many more years of The Mellow Jihadi!

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