Ivan Lendl Has Daughters?

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Congrats go out to Andrew Barron Murray, winner of the 127th edition of the Wimbledon Championships. Andy’s coach, as you may know, is Ivan “Robot” Lendl. Yes, that Ivan, the man who seemed like he had no emotions. Surprised was I to discover that he has five (5) daughters:

On September 16, 1989, six days after losing the final of the US Open to Boris Becker, Lendl married Samantha Frankel. They have five daughters: Marika (born May 4, 1990), twins Isabelle and Caroline (born July 29, 1991), Daniela (born June 24, 1993), and Nikola (born January 20, 1998). Lendl retired from tennis in 1994 at the age of 34 with a disability insurance payout for chronic backpain. He transferred his competitive interests to professional golf, where he achieved a win on the Celebrity Tour. Still competitive at the mini-tour levels, Lendl now devotes much of his time to managing the development of his daughters’ golfing abilities.

Ivan Lendl
Ivan Lendl

Two of his daughters (Marika and Isabelle) are members of the University of Florida Women’s Golf Team. Daniela is a member of the University of Alabama Women’s Golf Team. His daughter Caroline walked onto the University of Alabama Women’s Rowing Team for the 2011–2012 academic year, and his daughter Nikola enjoys eventing horses. Lendl has played in the Gary Player Invitational charity Pro-Am many times for friend and golf icon Gary Player.

I spent years rooting against poor Ivan. It was a Cold War thing. (He actually was and is a good guy, villains were needed in tennis and he fit the bill.) So while I pulled for Boris Becker, Mike Chang, Pete Sampras, and Pat Cash, I rooted against poor Ivan. Can I blame his name? Sort of an Ivan Drago thing?

Another surprise, Mr. Lendl is a fan of this artist, Alphonse Mucha:

Alphonse Mucha - Job Cigarettes
Alphonse Mucha – Job Cigarettes

Good message this artist has. As in, get a job and keep it. . .

4 thoughts on “Ivan Lendl Has Daughters?”

  1. Murray has worked extremely hard at his game, and I take my hat off to him.

    Sadly the same game has gone the way of most, as far as elitism goes. The Royal Enclosure referred to as the Royal Box, was packed full of celebrities, most of who were there for self promotion. The ex professional tennis players turned commentators filled the whole match with repetitive, monotonous, cliches and sickening homage to the guests in the ‘Hollywood Box’. One absolutely sickening comment from a commentator fired at the women’s single champion, referred to her lack of ‘good looks’, which the BBC should hang their heads over. It goes to show that the best poached from the game are not necessarily the best game keepers!

    Tickets for the final playoff were are around £13,500.00, with one going on the private market at £70,000,00. Which is a kick in the teeth for those who support the sport all year round, and then have to pay for the pleasure of watching it on the big screen.

    I will stick to gladiatorial Rugby, where there is no class structure within the game, where a road sweeper can play alongside a Doctor, and remain solid friends after the game finishes, and remain so for life.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Interesting, Navy One…I never followed tennis that much…even though it is an extremely competitive game…I took lessons but not that good at it…I had a penchant for golf…and follow that faithfully….k

  3. EB: That is too bad about the Royal Box. I’ve always enjoyed tennis and have been around it for a lot of my life. Not as much anymore, but I respect the game.
    Kris: Watching every match of next year’s tournament should fix your malady.

  4. Ivan Lendl, now that’s a blast from the past. I remember rooting for anyone but him.

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