Once upon a time…

Prince WThere were two sibling Prince’s, the eldest being groomed as a future King, the youngest following in his shadow, watching, lest he be called forward due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Prince William the elder, wished for the life of his younger sibling. Prince William rescues climber left unconscious and injured by 300ft plunge 

Prince Harry the younger, was more than happy with his lot. article-2356954-11A3EF1C000005DC-900_634x421Prince Harry gets his latest set of wings Just  as many generations of the Royal family have made sacrifices throughout history, the two princes are no different. Each serve their country well, above and beyond what is expected of them.

This makes me even more proud of being an Englishman, of the United Kingdom.

Yours Aye.

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  1. Princes William and Harry look so much like their mother….I often wonder what the Queen and Charles ponder upon when they see that resemblance….??? I still think Diana remained to her and Dodi’s end a very naive and gullible woman…a foolish woman…that it ended in disaster was almost predictable….k

  2. Two very fine young men and you have every right to be proud of them. I am specifically proud of young Harry and his visit to honor our dead. That is more than our president has done. Hand Salute to both of them. England has a bright future with both of them… if the country can regain control again.

  3. Ex, y’all have a couple of real winners with those two. Honest, hardworking, putting their butts on the line. Nothing but respect from this side for them!

    1. Lil C, I couldn’t agree more, as well as serving, they are also great ambassadors for this country, and firmly believe in their charity work, across the US and in Africa.


    1. Wrexie, I know a few Ex Bootnecks who have associated with Harry through his charity work and endorsements. He is the real deal with no air and graces, as is William who has the greater journey ahead of him.

      Red white & blue runs through your veins from both sides of the pond 😉


  4. I hope nothing but the best for William and Harry.
    Things seem so much “friendlier” with the Royal family these days now that William and Kate are married. I remember back in the day reading about Diana, Charles, Fergie, etc. involved in one embarassing scandal after another. Now it seems that things have taken a positive turn around with the younger royals. EB, I was wondering if you knew how this came about?

  5. It is easy to imagine their life of privilege and think they had it easy. But the truth is, it is quite a hard job and they (with few exceptions) make it appear effortless and genuine. I wish the men well. . .

    1. NavyOne, I agree with you. The combination of working a military routine as well as a Royal one, sounds like the perfect number in life.

      Such privileges brings its own consequences. I greatly admire them both.


  6. Lauren, I like many other Royalists believe the way the senior Royal siblings behaved was contemptible (with the exception of Princess Anne). Even today Prince Andrew (air miles Andy) is ridiculed for the way he sells his patronage to some of the worst despots around the old Russian satellite countries. He is tolerated by the MSM, but despised by the general public, as is Fergie.

    Although Charles had Diana thrust upon him, it was obvious from the start that his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles was never going to cease. His treatment of Diana was despicable and he paid the penalty for it as his popularity dropped from the sky. Sadly Diana also paid the penalty, but she was also aware of the damage she was creating for the Royal Family.

    Recent events of Prince Charles trying to lift his profile as well as CP-B’s appears to have worked with the MSM, not so with the general public. If Charles becomes King, CP-B will never be accepted as any other but a Princess (I for one hope the Queen outlives him, and the Crown is passed forth to William).

    My strong belief for the cessation of Royal scandals came about for two reasons, the advent, and popularity of the internet, and the mobile phone with its built in camera system. Secrets and Royal gossip are no longer… secret!

    The Queen as well as Prince Philip (Phil the Greek) are quite ruthless in their dealing with Royal scandal, as Fergie realises to her cost this day.


    1. An interesting response, EB..you are quite right however…my memory of Fergie and her unending travails fades….I know she had issues with her royal in-laws during and after her marriage….I tended to like her primarily because of her brash outspoken nature….she and Diana seemed to get on famously for those few years …as Lil C has stated these two boys were raised surprisingly well and turned out even better…we here continue to watch the British Royal family with interest and I suspect it’s because we’re actually envious that you have them and we don’t….Royal Family envy? It may an anachronism but I think we here in America actually love them almost as much as you do…and you are rightfully proud of them….k

        1. Kristen, I quite enjoy watching the narcissistic Pat Condell, thought there are time when his self opinionated speeches could do with more research.

          He is correct in that the EDL website simply portrays the views of a group who wish to stand up for the rights of democracy and every thing English. Pure spin to attract those unsuspecting people with the same values who seek to support the cause.

          Now scratch the surface and look deeper at the violence the EDL offer, look at the moronic individuals who act and dress like thugs. I know, I have seen them act several times. I have heard them discuss up and coming events over a few pots of beer.

          In my mind, Pat Condell is 90% right in his controlled rants, but when he falls flat on his face. the richter scale acknowledges it.


          1. I can’t say many of us are not taken in by rhetoric….look at who the American people decided to vote for in the past eight years…spin and hype to the max….cannot deny it….and there were actually many of us that knew who they placed their belief and confidence in were absolute phony liars and frauds….at least, I caught that….and now he’s trying to tell us that a majority are not only Muslims but supporters of the same….that remains a lie too…I suspect the same is true where you are….except the numbers seem larger that reality would suggest….we can quibble about these things, but the truth is Pat Condell is correct about the nastiness and insidiousness of Islam and it will need to be addressed directly in Western democratic societies…America’s fast losing it’s credibility with an Obama administration advocating ‘dhimmitude’ and caving into Islamic fundamentalism’s demands…and you have to admit the future of Britain with its smaller population doesn’t appear to be faring particularly well in this arena…k

  7. Coffeypot, with these two up an coming young thrusters we have nothing to fear.

    Disregard the BS the MSM spreads about the state of this country, statistically we have one Muslim per one hundred per capita. The ratio of Muslim fanatical extremists is so low it doesn’t even register. However, we are aware of those who insist on spilling their bilge, and their day will come when they are placed on the extradition express out of here.


  8. They are two Royals to be proud of!! I wish we could send some of our “leaders” over to you so that they could learn some type of government service, not just elected offices.

    1. Mark, I am a big believer in that any one wishing to enter the political arena with the intention of becoming a politician, should first have worked in industry and been successful at it, or they should have served a minimum of five years within the Armed Forces.

      Professional politicians with a University degree have no place in the Western world. The worst politicians come in from a legal background.


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