Robert Pattinson, an Army Warrant Officer?

It’s gotta be hell being a celebrity. Take Robert Pattinson. He’s out shopping at his local  90210 grocery store and some mammarazi takes his picture with a Fort McCoy Warrant Officer Candidate School t-shirt on:

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson in a Fort McCoy Warrant Officer Candidate School shirt

I can think of worse shirts to wear. First word rhymes with Bear, the last word with Horse.

One thought on “Robert Pattinson, an Army Warrant Officer?”

  1. We had a Combined Arms Exercise (CAX) at Fort McCoy in 1984. I don’t remember it being much of a base. However, I do remember the 6 foot tall marijuana plants growing in the fighting holes. The discarded seeds of so many joints rolled by the inhabitants. I also remember Owen’s Pool Hall on Water Street. I still have a token somewhere for a free game of pool…I think I sense a blog post coming on.

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