Pierre Borghi Gave the Taliban the Slip

A slip is something guys don’t generally wear. Nor do they give them to the Taliban for Christmas. But Pierre Borghi did just that. He gave the Taliban the slip:

I was abducted by the Taliban on the evening of Tuesday 27 November.

It had been an ordinary, relaxed day in Kabul – no bombs or gunfire or stress. I had been to the supermarket, bought Chinese noodles for dinner and planned a quiet night in watching a zombie movie.

This was my second week in Afghanistan on my second visit to the country. I was looking for work in the humanitarian or urban planning sectors while I tried to make it as a photographer.

I was walking back from a bar, where I had been debating with other freelancers and friends the safest way was to get around Kabul. Security was on my mind, but the bar was in pretty much the safest area in the city and I was staying a mere 500m away. I didn’t think being outside for five or 10 minutes would be such a risk.

That was a miscalculation.

Pierre Borghi's Afghanistan
Pierre Borghi’s Afghanistan

A white Toyota Corolla stopped just a few metres ahead of me. Four guys got out, bearded, dressed in salwar kameez – the traditional Afghan dress – and headed straight for me.

Glad Pierre is back. It could’ve had a bad ending. (As for the slip, I wonder if knows Christine Gambito from HappySlip Productions?)

4 thoughts on “Pierre Borghi Gave the Taliban the Slip”

  1. And that, Navy One, will teach Pierre Borghi never to find himself alone in downtown Kabul….what a strange adventure….and the man is not so lucky….he’s fortunate to be alive for what it’s worth…k

  2. I read the abridged version of the incident; of which he realises just how lucky he had been throughout.

    What makes my blood boil is the naivety of it all. Under normal circumstances a group of special forces will lay on an assault and extraction team to rescue such ‘live life to the full adventurers’ all for the sake of trying to make it as a photographer.

    Life is the most precious thing we have, risking it for some halfwit who does not have the ability to read a situation makes it even worse.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Yes, the rescue attempts for folks like Jill Carroll come to mind. (She was the Christian Science Monitor reporter.) I would never go to these places unless ordered to. (Which I would have no problem with.) Going as a civvie is dangerous. . .

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