Happy Homecomings

On this Fourth of July, what do Sgt. Wilson Caro, Sgt. Dale Dick, Lt. Col. Will Adams, Cpt Doug Cox, PO Bridget Lydon, Sgt. Zach Ames, MSgt David Sims, MSgt Robert Buresh, Spc. Wooten, SSgt James McCormick, LT Charlie Jacobs, PFC Chad Graden, Sgt. Chris Weichman, First Sgt. Steve Smerer, and Lt. Col. Paul Aguirre have in common?

Or here is an All-Army one. What do Noah, Sumner and Cole Ogrydziak have in common?

4 thoughts on “Happy Homecomings

  1. Navyone, is the answer in the title for the first part?

    Yours Aye.

    • True. Although, she would have been prouder if they had gone Navy. But we don’t just accept everybody…

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