A Clean Cut Philip Seymour Hoffman

Generally, the term clean cut refers to, well, someone who is clean cut. Take Philip Seymour Hoffman, according this article he is a practitioner of this clean cutness: 

Philip Seymour Hoffman debuts clean cut look after heroin detox
Philip Seymour Hoffman debuts clean cut look after heroin detox.

I wish Phil Seymour Hoffman well in his heroin detox. . .

4 thoughts on “A Clean Cut Philip Seymour Hoffman”

  1. In the few movies that I have seen him in, he has lots of actor talent. I hope he does well with recovery – drugs are a nasty habit.

  2. I liked his scruffy look before the shave….my only thought is how can someone find themselves addicted to heroin in today’s world? Was he bored with his life? Well, I’d think he isn’t feeling that way any longer….k

  3. When will they learn that their designer habit actually pays for the rounds used against our Armed Forces. Every joint, every snort, every sniff, every injection, actually pays for weapons, ammo, and terrorist training courses.

    The more the celebrity world endorse their entry into rehab to kick a substance habit, the more we should flatly refuse to endorse and support their work. They should all hang their heads in shame.

    Yours Aye.

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