Navy Love

Does the Navy have love to give? Business Insider seems to think we do: HP Wins The US Navy’s Love And A Contract (Sort Of) Worth $3.5 Billion

The parents of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn are pulling out of the wrongful death lawsuit.

ESPN’s Man the Guns. Join the Navy. (Not what you think it is.)

SEALs in their 18th year of service who agree to stay an additional seven years will receive a $160,000 “in a lump sum payment, called a CSRB.”

The Whidbey Growlers are too loud for Michael Monson and his wife Judy.

9 thoughts on “Navy Love”

  1. If I had been offered £160K for signing on for another seven years; you would not be reading this, from this Ex Bootneck… 😉

    A great inventive for the Seal’s, which in my mind should at least match the sky jockey’s incentive.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Unfortunately, Ex Bootneck, I never had much of a fancy for pork pies…a friend of my mother’s, both of whom traveled to London while I was assigned there, bought a pork pie (I’m thinking it was on her single trip to Harrod’s with my Mom in tow) brought it back to my flat in St. John’s Wood and both my mother and I had to pretend we liked it…sorry, that’s one British delectable treat I can quite easily forego….I always have been of the opinion you really have to try stuff before you can behave like a childish ass, claiming it’s yucky and you don’t like it….at least for a few times anyway…and I love any kind of pâté, goose liver, pork, Braunschwager, (Liverwurst, same difference)….the pork pie just didn’t spark any enthusiasm in either one of us…I suspect it remains an acquired taste….k

      1. Kristen, that loud ‘BANG’ you may have heard all the way over there; was my jaw hitting the top of my desk… 😉

        Pork n apple, pork n chutney, ‘pork n pork’ there is no end to the delicacy, though my preference is for the smaller buffet variety.
        There is a cracking delicatessen in York that sells various types in various styles and guises, and through out the summer tourist season the place is topped out with German tourists, one of the biggest sellers being their pork pies.

        You may well be correct in your assumption, that it is an acquired taste, but it would appear that sore feet, plenty of fresh air, and hunger pangs, brings out the wolf in all of us.


  2. I hope the Vaughn’s get their reward as well as the other families. Biden and Obama could care less about secrecy, divulging harmful information or anything else as long as it helps them politically. And, let me see, a US Navy Airbase down the road with jets flying all the time? That sounds like a good place for peace and quiet for a restful afternoon. Lets buy here. The dumb asses.

  3. And… my first wife and I lived in an apartment across the street for the end of the runway for Lockheed/NAS Atlanta/ GA Air National Guard/ Dobbins AF Base. We lived there when he first C-5 Galaxie flew it’s fist flight and five or six times a day and night (plus all the other aircraft – jets, C-130’s, etc.) afterward. When she came across you could not hear the TV and the windows shook. But I’m a plane nut and loved the sound, so I was happy.

  4. EB: Those pies look delicious. I refuse to refuse one if I ever find ’em.
    Kris: Really? They look delicious!
    CP: I am with you. I love the sound of jets.

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