Domino’s Rolex Air King

No need to thank me, but I just found your next gift to your dad, husband, brother, favorite blogger, 2nd from least favorite blogger, the Domino’s Rolex Air King 14000:

Dominos Rolex Air King
Domino’s Rolex Air King

Buy a Used Rolex Air King 14000. Originally, the history of the Air king stems from the popularity of British RAF pilots in the 1930’s. Since then, the style and prestige has stayed with the Rolex watches name. The Air King is simple, beautiful and worth every penny. When you buy a used Rolex watches, you know that you have something that is both an investment and a fashion statement. This used Rolex watch in particular (Air King 14000) is one of the most sought after used Rolex Watches on the market.

I was not aware that a watch with the ol’ Domino’s dominos is sought after…

5 thoughts on “Domino’s Rolex Air King”

  1. In my tiny little mind, I have the thought that a logo such as ‘Domino’s Pizza would actually devalue the watch? They were made and presented as ‘company incentive’ watches around the 80’s.

    I know a couple of ex bootnecks who have rolex submariners with the House of Saud logo, they were given them when they worked CP for members of the family. The Royal families from within the UAE hand them out for various reasons, as did a despot no longer with us… Saddam ‘you’ll never take me alive’ Hussein!

    I heard that the elite North Korean Special Forces use these;$full$

    It is rumoured that Kim Jong un had a solid gold one that he swears by…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Funny, Ex Bootneck…I have a watch identical to that except it’s a woman’s Rolex without all that fancy stuff on it…’Air King’ and Domino’s ? So much extraneous information …and it only cost $700 in London…talk about luck….k

    1. Kristen, luck, or duty free 😉 You would be hard pushed to buy one at that price now. Rolex are are great time pieces.


  3. I guess that if you buy one with the Domino’s logo you get free pizza for life. But I couldn’t use it ‘cus it don’t got no numbers. How I gonna tell? “Half past a tick”?

  4. EB: The Domino’s seal may devalue the watch, but it did show up at the watch-buyer’s front door in thirty minutes or less! (I’ll bet your Bootneck buddies enjoy their Rolexes. Those are real beauts.)
    Kris: Neat, that probably was a great investment. It probably is worth more than that today.
    CP: Ah. Okay. I was going to get you one for your blogger birthday, nevermind.

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