Sign in and Sod off!

European Union flags are seen outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels April 12, 200..

To the average American citizen the workings of the European Union may appear a trite confusing, you should also add the average European citizen to the list (UK not included)!  You may well ask ‘why should it concern the US and its people’? The answer is quite plain and simple; in the long run the US depends upon the EU for the sale of financial instruments as well as for trade links. Whether you like it or not, the US is also a part of the EU and sits and operates within its sinister shadows! Politically the EU also holds a powerful vote within the UN. The European Union is a ball of confusion to all but the elected European politicians. Since its conception it has never passed a yearly Audit due to the irregularities connected to its funding and spending. Each yearly inspection reveals the same types of fraud on a massive eye watering scale, and each time the recommended investigations into fraud are ignored from above; from year to year the EU’s financial audit books have never been signed off-not once in its history. The biggest organisation within Europe is also the biggest fraudster within Europe. To date several whistle blowers have had their lives and careers ruined by those the political dross of europe responsible for the day to day running of this great Socialist European Circus. I would urge you to view the highlighted link, as well as the short video clip. MEPs caught on camera ‘turning up to work for just a few … – Daily Mail

Socialist European Circus ring masters

On 19 November 2009, Herman Van Rumpoy was chosen as the first permanent President of the European Council (left of pic). The Commission President is currently Jose Manuel Durao Barrosa (right of pic). Unbelievabley the two most powerful men in Europe were both ‘appointed’ by their cronies sitting within the union, and not democratically voted in by the general public. Nigel Farage; as well as Daniel Hannan;1:27 Eurocrats no longer disguise their loathing of Britainby DanHannanMEP 50,262 views Englishmen fighting for what is democratically right, they have both acknowledged that it is their aim to become unemployed by causing the down fall of the EU. I will dance on the grave of the EU; as its death is just around the corner.

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  1. Ex Bootneck, do the people of Britain think there is some sort of how would it be phrased ‘ unseen presence or guiding hand’ in the background, manipulating all of this, like George Soros for instance, or even a consortium of individuals or organizations directing this mess towards a one world global type governance (like the UN with its Agenda 21)??? I have to think there might be some such agency putting the world’s population under such control…a worldwide Caliphate would accomplish this and seemingly before it was realized … Although I’m of the mind that the world’s almost 7 billion population wouldn’t be too cooperative in that end endeavor….of course, I’m of the thought that individual liberty and freedom is pretty easy to lose sight of when such powerful forces are put into play…all the more reason to stand up and fight for it…k

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