One of These Is Not Like the Other

Two of these stories are real. One is almost real. Whaddya think?

Eugene Storley- 5’7, 65 years old, and a Marine– stopped a younger 6’6 bank robber.

Giuseppe Colarusso invented a new kind of square baker’s rolling pin:

Giuseppe Colarusso Improbabilita
Giuseppe Colarusso Improbabilita

MA3 Ryan Goodwin conspired with his wife Michelle Okolica to return from Kuwait and surprise their kids- while in full dive gear at the Newport Aquarium.

2 thoughts on “One of These Is Not Like the Other”

  1. My Gran had a rolling pin that must have rounded itself through knocking sense into my Granddad, as well as her five sons!

    Top man Eugene Storley, it’s in the blood…

    Yours Aye.

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