Just Your Normal California La-Di-Da

Yesterday, I left my house groggy-eyed. Before you tsk-tsk at my grog-infused eyes, know that it was 0438 and I was headed to the gym. Not fifty feet from me, two of San Diego’s Finest coppers stood behind their police-cars. Barricading off the cul-de-sac one driveway above me. I, vewy vewy caaawfully, got into my car and drove off to the gym. Still no word on what that was all about.

Carl's Jr LolzToday, while at Carl’s Jr, while ordering a low-carb Western Bacon Cheeseburger and sweet potato fries, the kid behind the counter apologized profusely and diffusely (with spittle) that he was unable to offer me a military discount. I smiled and told him no problem. Wide-eyed, he announced to me: I am just about to go and enlist myself. I encouraged him, chatting briefly about the joys of linguinism (the practice of linguistics.) I have not taken the AVSAB yet. I smiled, mildly corrected it to ASVAB. And later when he delivered my lettuce-wrapped hambuggie, he asked me whether I knew so-and-so. He’s a recruiter. He recruited my dad into the Air Force. I thought about the name and shook my head. Hmm, figures. My dad is 61, he added. (No further commentary at this time. . .)

7 thoughts on “Just Your Normal California La-Di-Da”

  1. One of the good things about being old, is that there is no mistaking my age. Well, sometimes people think I am younger than I am :)

  2. Ahhh, the enthusiasm of a young kid and the naive outlook on life. I hope he makes a high grade on the ASVAB and can choose his path. You did good, N1, in chatting him up. Probably made his day. And I hope they caught the mass murdered lurking in your hood.

  3. The American people still hold their military in high regard….a time of heroes, so to speak…it’s only after attending the local colleges, that this respect diminishes…you did a great thing, Navy One…helping the recruiters day by day….that bacon cheeseburger sounds like something out of one of the local places of business here in the area, wrapped in lettuce…tried it once…very messy…..k

  4. You old barnacle encrusted sea dog… (well some one had to type it) 😉

    Yours Aye.

  5. Reminds me of a waitress at a local greasy spoon near KC. When the earthquake hit near Washington DC a while back, I commented on it while ordering. Her eyes grew large and she said, “Wow! I didn’t feel a thing.” I replied, “I doubt you would, it was 1500 miles away. **blink, blink** It occured to me she had no idea where DC was located.

    She was blond by choice.

  6. Blonde by choice ….heh heh, a self inflicted decision that paid off 😉


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