Justin Kaliebe, Amateur Jihadi

In terms of fighting jihadis, it is not the ones outside of the United States that really concern me. It is the self-radicalized ones that could pose a real longterm threat:

A New York high school student secretly pleaded guilty to federal charges accusing him of trying to join an offshoot of al-Qaida in Yemen so he could die fighting jihad, authorities said Wednesday.

In January, Justin Kaliebe told an undercover operative pretending to be a confidant, “There is no way out for me. … The only way out is martyrdom,” according to court papers.

A record of the American citizen’s computer activity suggested he was influenced by the lectures of cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, the militant leader who was killed in a 2011 U.S. drone strike in Yemen, the papers said.

Counterterrorism agents intercepted the 18-year-old on Jan. 21 as he tried to board a flight to Oman at John F. Kennedy International Airport on his way to Yemen. He pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization on Feb. 8 as part of an ongoing investigation.

The secret plea could mean the defendant was cooperating in the probe when it was at a sensitive stage. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn declined comment.

Russian teenagers living in America who turn to radical Islam?

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  1. I didn’t know of this case, and I don’t know the teenager’s name, but if he was like the Boston Marathon bombers, he may be from what is officially The Russian Federation, but from a part where they don’t think of themselves as really Russian, ethnically. The Boston bombers were born and raised in Daghestan, which is a republic within the Russian Federation, but which is about 90% Muslim. The Bombers were of Chechen origin, and Chechnya is right next door. They are part of the North Caucuses Region of the Federation, and the Chechen Muslim separatists have been in a brutal war with the (real) Russians for years now. In recent years, they’ve been radicalized by Muslim clerics of the fanatical, strict Salafi sect of Saudi Arabia.

  2. Clark, where have you been? You disappeared for a while…off pursuing that exciting life you lead?…in terms of this particular young man….there’s a continuing cultural decline and a void that is necessarily filled by a return to religious faith; problem is, it remains a questionable faith that takes people in and indoctrinates and fills that void in their lost souls with a psychiatric pathology that is much worse than the void….as we struggle to understand and explain this, it is a good thing to stand back and remain objective and truthful especially with ourselves…Islam is a totalitarian and authoritarian ideology with political, military, cultural and legal implications encompassing a claim to religion…but the reality is, it’s a cult with an obsession for destroying everything that isn’t it…and in that it’s much like the Nazism that supported it eighty years ago….
    Missed you, Clark…k

    1. Hi, Kris, Thank you so much, Kris. The problem is that I’ve been swamped with so much email, University connected (which comes first), friends (socially obligated to read & answer), and a host of group (both news commentary and literary/marketing discussions). Besides email, local writing groups, visiting my sons and grandchildren, the nearest of whom live in NYC (which is more than 400 miles from Chautauqua county, where I live). I’m sure there are many other things that I can’t even think of right now.

      So, I felt compelled to ease up on almost everything, especially email. I missed you too, Kris, and the others on this site. But I find I can’t participate as much as I used to. I hope you will forgive me for that.

      Now, let me say that I have read your note, and agree with every single point make. The Islamic societies, especially the Arab ones, seem to produce nothing practical (except petroleum). All they produce is death and destruction. They even kill each other with such aplomb and ease, Sunnis vs Shiites, vs what I perceive as peaceable Sufi (in some places) vs Alawites. Sometimes, it’s Arab Muslims vs Black non-Arab Muslims (Darfur province of Sudan). And in every place where Islamic territory comes into contact with non-Muslim people, there is constant bloodshed, from the Pacific (Philippines) through South Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India/Pakistan) Central Asia (Sinjiang Province of China (the Islamic Uighurs), Israel/Palestine, Chechnya & Daghestan with Russia, Egypt and its Christian minority, Nigeria (north & south), Chad, Mali, Mauretania on the Atlantic. Europe is being colonized by Muslims without war.

      What you say about loss of faith in youth, but the need for spirituality makes some go to Islam, which is a totalitarian fanatical religious/political/military entity (or rather entities, since they are splintered against each other).

      Money, probably oil money, must be what allows terrorists to continue their disgusting butchery. If the West had the guts, the energy and the intelligence to discover and cut off this source of income, it would dry up terrorism pretty soon, I think. Because, when I read about all these groups whose only business is death, I thin, “Don’t they have to make a living just to live? Let alone launch these operations.” When I huge crowds of thousands spending days in various cities of the Muslim world, in “protests” causing death and destruction, I think, “Don’t they have to be at work? How do they earn their bread?” Someone is paying for this.

      On top of all this, our illustrious leader continues to do everything to weaken the U.S., economically, diplomatically and militarily. We can’t even keep up with all the damage he does continually. We probably are still ignorant of everything he’s doing to damage us. He’s true to his word of “fundamentally changing America.” Why people thought “in a way that will be good for us” I have no idea. All they had to do was look at his past connections and never should have elected him in the first place. But then, seeing what he did in his first term, and then re-electing him…! This is not a good sign for our future.

      Well, I’ve rambled on too long. Kris, thank you very much for wondering where I’ve been. I’m still going to have participate much, much less, unfortunately.

      Best wishes to you and the rest of the people on this blog, and God bless America.

      Best wishes,

      1. I knew you’d come back with a response, Clark…and thank you..so do you think it’s the veritable end of America yet.?? I keep thinking it is and then I listen to our hero (he is mine anyway) Rush Limbaugh…and he said something very curious yesterday that made me sit up and take notice…I’m getting very depressed myself because of all the things you’ve mentioned but he said something about his own remaining optimism… he doesn’t completely understand why but his gut tells him we here in America will be all right even with all the things happening that are so wrong with leftism/progressivism and all the horrible results we see daily…and that made me for even that brief moment feel better and more optimistic myself….we need to keep that inner light burning and know God or that greater power that created us never fails us and will always be with us…I know too; I know I cannot lose faith in that positive outcome…..and I know that when I see the hate and desperation that the left is always spewing at those who disagree with them…even that makes me a much happier person because I know that it’s them and not the rest of us…take care, Clark….nice talking to you….k

        1. Hey Kris,
          What worries me is our American electorate. It was capable of electing Obama… Twice! A democracy, in order to function well, needs an educated electorate, one that takes an interest in history, politics, current events, and who know how to connect the dots. I’m afraid too many of us are no longer in that category. I think people who go to Hollywood celebrities for wisdom and political guidance should recuse themselves from voting. Well, I tend to be a pessimistic. I hope that votes for Obama was based in large part on fraudulent voting. At least that would show that the majority of our electorate is not as bad as I thought.


      2. Clark, people need to wake up to the fact that every time some one buys a counterfeit item off the street, or purchases dope, or a second hand car (from certain individuals), or an item from e-bay (from certain individuals), etc, etc, they are actually contributing to the Islamic Extremist cause as a percentage makes its way back to their coffers.

        This system actually makes far more than what is allocated through the funds from oil as it is hard to intercept. It has been proven that even unwanted Cell phones and old PC’s handed in to charity shops are refurbished and sold on, with profit going straight into the coffers.

        The enemy is within, and have now been awake since 911 in the US. They awoke from their slumber a lot earlier over here in the UK.

        PS. Good to see you are still ok mate. Just slow down a trite, as you’ll meet your self coming the other way…

        1. Hey, ExBootneck,

          Thanks for welcoming me back, EB. It’s very good of you. And thanks for the info on counterfeit products. I never buy them, and it’s good to know about them, and also discouraging to know how hard it is to cut off sources of income for our enemies.

          I still have tto cut down on my participation because of so many commitments, though. I hope people don’t see this as lack of interest.

          I certainly don’t want to meet myself coming the other way.

          Best wishes to you,

  3. Clark: That was my thought too. I meant to be sarcastic on the last line. Not sure if it came across.
    Kris: Agree with all said!

      1. Clark, my friend, no need for an explanation! This is like a neighborhood bar, where everyone knows your name. Drop by when you have the time.

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