Nik Wallenda, Skywalker of the Canyon

So I am watching Nik Wallenda walk the Grand Canyon. And I can’t help but to think that this is not a career that has a lot of longevity. Nik is halfway through or so and doing fine:

His father, Terry Troffer, and his uncle, Mike Troffer, are serving as his safety coordinator and chief engineer in charge of the rigging of the wire. Terry Troffer is communicating with Wallenda during the attempt via Wallenda’s earpiece.

“I’m really not that worried,” Terry Troffer said on TODAY Friday. “I know his capabilities. I’ve been through it. I walked the wire for 38 years, so I kind of know what’s going through his mind at that time. I’m just kind of watching everything and how he’s feeling. We communicate back and forth. If he’s got a question, I try to look for the answer for him right away.”

Also on site watching his walk is Wallenda’s wife, Erendira, who is an eighth-generation circus performer, and their three children, Yanni, 15; Amadeus, 12; and Evita, 10. Wallenda is making the walk in jeans and a T-shirt while wearing his special high-wire shoes, which are part moccasin, part ballet shoes, and were custom-made by his mother, fellow wire walker Delilah Wallenda.

 14 minutes gone on the skywire. Keep going Nick… (Update: He got it!)

5 thoughts on “Nik Wallenda, Skywalker of the Canyon”

  1. It was a nailbiter for sure… I love how he ran the last ten feet!!!!!

  2. I must be a chicken hearted, yellow-livered coward….I could not bring myself to experience the nail-biting….just too much for my poor overtaxed heart….I’m glad he made it…as a member of the Wallenda family, this is their background…it’s in their genes…he’s to be congratulated for his tenacity and bravery and if he had failed, his children would have trained to succeed where he didn’t …this is who they are…even though technically he wasn’t in the Grand Canyon but a side area of it…wasn’t it on a Native American reservation???…k

  3. Veronica: I saw that! Gotta git!
    Cargosquid: Haha! Good point. . .
    Kris: You are smart, not chicken hearted. You have self-preservation.
    EB: You’ll be like the Road Runner in those, for sher. . .

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