Book Hangover?

A new word for you, book hangover:

Book hangover:

The headache you get after staying up into the wee hours of the morning staring at teeny tiny print. Generally an ailment experienced exclusively by book nerds, but becomes a nation wide issue after the release of a new Harry Potter book.

Guy 1: Man, I stayed up all night reading the Deathly Hallows! I have such a book hangover!

Guy 2: You nerd.

Guy 2 then pushes his copy of the Deathly Hallows deeper into his book bag and longingly eyes the aspirin bottle guy 1 has just opened.

Although, in all seriousness, I would not be reading Harry Otter. What? You’ve never heard of Harry Otter? Here (link warning- very amateurish):

Hairy Otter is a regular otter who very much dislikes being called a wombat. One day, a strange yellow creature whisks him off to Owlpoops School of Magic. Turns out he isn’t so normal after all!

If I were in the mood for political economics (and who isn’t) I would perhaps be reading The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die, by Niall Ferguson:

From renowned historian Niall Ferguson, a searching and provocative examination of the widespread institutional rot that threatens our collective future

What causes rich countries to lose their way? Symptoms of decline are all around us today: slowing growth, crushing debts, increasing inequality, aging populations, antisocial behavior. But what exactly has gone wrong? The answer, Niall Ferguson argues in The Great Degeneration, is that our institutions—the intricate frameworks within which a society can flourish or fail—are degenerating.

Representative government, the free market, the rule of law, and civil society—these are the four pillars of West European and North American societies. It was these institutions, rather than any geographical or climatic advantages, that set the West on the path to global dominance beginning around 1500. In our time, however, these institutions have deteriorated in disturbing ways. Our democracies have broken the contract between the generations by heaping IOUs on our children and grandchildren. Our markets are hindered by overcomplex regulations that debilitate the political and economic processes they were created to support; the rule of law has become the rule of lawyers. And civil society has degenerated into uncivil society, where we lazily expect all of our problems to be solved by the state.

It is institutional degeneration, in other words, that lies behind economic stagnation and the geopolitical decline that comes with it. With characteristic verve and historical insight, Ferguson analyzes not only the causes of this stagnation but also its profound consequences.

The Great Degeneration is an incisive indictment of an era of negligence and complacency. While the Arab world struggles to adopt democracy and China struggles to move from economic liberalization to the rule of law, our society is squandering the institutional inheritance of centuries. To arrest the breakdown of our civilization, Ferguson warns, will take heroic leadership and radical reform.

Too many books to read, too little time. . .

3 thoughts on “Book Hangover?”

  1. Haha…book hangover is something I am very familiar with…I had the worst book hangover with the Twilight series and the J.K. Rowling series (aka Harry Potter).

    I am reading Inferno too and so far it’s pretty good. My favorite is Angels and Demons. Now that I read books on my Mini, it usually runs out of battery life before onset of the hangover…

  2. I need to get some thing a we bit smaller than my ipad; several times I have dozed off surfing the net, and ‘clunk’… a rude awakening!

    Yours Aye

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