An open-air asylum for nutter’s


Stonehenge is perhaps the most famous prehistoric monument in the world. Begun as a simple earthwork enclosure, it was built in several stages, with the unique lintelled stone circle being erected in the Neolithic period in around 2,500 BC. Stonehenge remained important into the early Bronze Age (2,200–1,500 BC), when many burial mounds were built nearbyHistory and Researchstonehenge_diagram

Well, its that time of the year again, when, as dawn broke this morning at 04:55 hrs, a mixture of 21,000 pagan’s, druids, mystics, truth seekers, shamans, aged hippies, new age travellers, students, nutter’s, drug addicts, ‘Japanese tourists’, and five hundred ‘Coppers’; all attended the Summer Solstice at the open air asylum known as Stonehenge.article-2345638-1A6F21AA000005DC-502_470x626 Go back in time and you would have added several marines to the list (yours truly being a SNCO, and one of them). Not through choice, but through necessity, as one of my marines had attached himself to a party of Norwegian blue-eyed-blonde students (all female) in a pub in Salisbury, who were heading off to the asylum gathering to party hard prior to sunrise. The problem being, the marine with the breaking strain of a warm chocolate bar was required (as were we all) to attend a final four hour ‘team’ exam at 09:00 hrs, followed by a course photograph at a specialist establishment known as ‘Winterbourne Gunner’ (History of the Defence CBRN centre)! Fortunately the lunatics throng attending the asylum gathering tend to swell in heavy numbers around two hours before sunrise, we had five hours to find him and kidnap him from his bevy of beauties, other wise the shout of “watch your fingers mate”! would have reverberated around the guardroom as the cell door slammed behind him; not only that, but collectively we would have also have failed the ‘team’ exam. We approached the gathering in almost pitch black conditions, and noticed a group of illuminated ‘Bobbies’ upon which the predicament was explained. After much radio chatter the bevy of (by now scantily clad chanting) blondes were discovered, as was a disgruntled bootneck; who was even more so after the group photograph that day, as I put him on ‘watch-on-stop-on’ duty the following weekend, over his birthday!article-2345638-1A6F2238000005DC-768_964x597

A midsummer day’s scene: Revellers rise at dawn to celebrate the solstice with drumming and dancing QUOTE’ from an elderly lady druid; “The scene was so emotional that even a group of police officers were stood with tears in their eyes”~ (Er, no… They had just pepper sprayed a violent drug addled hippy to restrain him)!

Yours Aye.

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    1. OakieRover, it always makes me wonder if it attracted people of the same ilk all those years ago.
      Though to be honest, the area is steeped in history, including military history going back to the year dot. Well worth a visit ‘out of cuckoo season’.

      The county of Wiltshire is also an amazing place for ‘green laning’ using Landrover’s, especially one of these… Landrover 101 (Forward Control Hard Top) V8 engine.


  1. Veronica G, its the same for the Winter solstice on the shortest day, December 21st 2013.
    The exception being, every one is heavily insulated against the cold in the most vibrant of colours; each winter solstice looks like a gathering of rodeo clowns!


  2. I have to add I’ve been there but not at this very particular time of year which might have been interesting and enlightening in the search for my inner self-Wiccan; I took a tour there…it was rather dull really and the time I was there, my mother and one of her friends came with me; all sorts of renovations were going on…certain areas were roped off and the public wasn’t allowed close to looked like some of the stone lintels were damaged as well and out of place…my memory has faded a little of the experience…very strange anyway….I remember seeing sheep in the surrounding fields…k

    1. Kristen, the place has since had £ millions spent on it, they have even buried the A303 road, which now runs through a tunnel out of sight of the ‘henge’.

      The advent of ‘English Heritage’ an organisation set up by the government in 1983, replaced several out of date organisations that just frittered money away. ‘EH’ are the stewards now responsible for running all of the significant historical and archaeological sites. Their work and effort is to be commended.


  3. “as one of my marines had attached himself to a party of Norwegian blue-eyed-blonde students (all female) in a pub in Salisbury. . .” Haha, I suppose he was just doing a little Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance!

    1. NavyOne, the marine in question was extremely professional and very good at his job; unfortunately when mixed with alcohol he turned into a burbling shipwreck…

      The morning of the ‘team’ exam I made sure he suffered my wrath, as I made him the runner, which required long sprints to separate locations in full IPE, wearing a fully fitted respirator at all times.

      His major problems in life were his movie star good looks, combined with the body of an olympic sprinter, a clipped english public schoolboy accent, and his total naivety around women!

      A good man to have around on shore patrol in foreign waters though, when he threw a hay-baler they went down like skittles…


    1. Lauren, I watched a program a while back on the event out in Nevada, and while I agree we each have our own thing to do in life… I just wish the same good ‘free spirited earth children’ would learn to pick up the rubbish they deposit after they have finished.

      Stonehenge takes days to clear up, and its tiny in comparison to the the Burning Man festival.


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