Yusuf Kazeem Just Made Me Rich!

Good news, I am about to become a millionaire. Courtesy of one very kind, generous Syrian man named Yusuf Kazeem. He just sent me this email:

Yusuf Kazeem

Thanks Yus!

6 thoughts on “Yusuf Kazeem Just Made Me Rich!”

  1. Here’s a handy little tool via this link, (when you open the link simply click on the box with ‘Scam Tracker’ typed within.

    Unfortunately approximately 7 % of the people who receive the offer from ‘Yusuf’ will actually react positively to it. The minimum involvement will see them disclosing details upon themselves, which will then be used elsewhere to commit a form of identity fraud.
    Worst case scenario is that they get sucked into a system that eventually allows people to ‘invest’ their life’s savings, which inevitably disappear.

    The 419 scams are becoming so sophisticated that major financial institutions are involved without realising it. Inevitably they eventually find out, and then hide the ‘episode’ to avoid financial embarrassment as well as their credibility. Every major ‘top 20’ bank has been hit by such scams, as well as International Government departments worldwide!

    The European Union has fallen for financial scams hook line and sinker time and time again, and as we set this to pixel I will guarantee yet another department is slowly awakening to find it has just lost millions (could some one just lift the edge of the carpet while I sweep this under it)!

    In addition to this, there are certain ‘agencies’ who also interact within such schemes as it allows them to open and close black holes (off ledger trading does exist) within the International banking system, thus allowing the TX of soiled funds for the use of black op’s.


    Oh for the days when the good guys wore white hats, and the villains wore black…

    Yours Aye.

  2. I don’t believe you ex-boot neither should you N1! I can help you invest the $$ for only 5% fee and 7% of the monthly investment, I can make you rich! One word, NIGERA!!! it is the next hot spot!

  3. This sounds similar to all those scams little old ladies like my aunt responded to in her elder years…my mother was still getting mail for her when she passed away in 2009, almost twenty years after her own sister departed this existence…amazing, isn’t it…I always wonder why the elderly are so taken in by such things….and now it’s on the internet…what else is new ??…k

  4. I’m so glad my mother does not look at her email. She has almost fallen for several phone scams. Three times someone has called her and pretended to be one of her grandsons in jail in Mexico or in a wreck in Canada, etc. My mom would have given them money, if one of her other grandkids had not been there to tell her it was a scam. I don’t even want to know how many times she has signed up for some crazy “free” things through the mail. Yikes.

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