Lendal Tower where curiosity killed the cat

Lendal Tower, YORKWhen travelling to York I vary my route to take in the volume of historic scenery. Often I travel across Lendal Bridge, which of late I have observed work going on and around Lendal Tower, a place that has always held a deep fascination. As youngsters my mate and I once sat and ate sandwiches on the steps at the right hand side of the Tower, after which my mate give me a ‘shin up’ to look over the brick wall on the left hand side. As the phrase goes, ‘curiosity killed the cat‘ or ‘inquisitiveness can often lead one into dangerous situations‘… Which in this case was true, as it got me a ‘cuff’ around the ear from a bloke on the other side who was gardening!753068656_adaac1367c

Well my little kittens, ‘be thee curious nay longer’ Lendal Tower, YORK. Particulars__ Has stood on the eastern banks of the River Ouse since 1299 and was historically part of the city’s defensive system which also controlled traffic on the river. In 1677, the tower was leased to the York Waterworks Company for 500 years. Originally used as a pumping station to supply water to the city, of which some mechanics still remain, it later became the company’s headquarters. Despite having served as everything from a military bunker to a company boardroom, the building had never been lived in prior to its conversion by the current owner, who has meticulously renovated the Scheduled Ancient Monument, providing a completely unique, private and comfortable living space in the very heart of the vibrant city of York.   And it’s yours for the Princely sum of £1,350,000 ( Sterling: One million, Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds).

Yours Aye.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to live in a tower and let down my hair. Now don’t laugh, but in my hometown in TX, there were some apartments with round tower-like corners. The apartments were known as Camelot Apts. As a kid, I was fascinated by those corner towers. They had to be the coolest rooms. My imagination went wild. When I finally got to see inside one of those rooms, I was sadly disappointed.

    1. Coffeypot, all that, as well as gold leaf toilet paper included in the price…


  2. You’ve got such neat scenery over in Britain, Ex Bootneck…I felt as if I was on a perpetual vacation while I was there…everything so well kept and manicured….the best of all worlds…k

    1. Kristen, thankfully the elders going back to ’55 BC’ laid down the foundations for what we have now.
      I just wish the youth from the inner cities would get out and explore what is on their doorstep, it would get their heads out of the digital zone and enlighten them some what. Its there and its free!


    1. Old NFO, the walls are are over four feet thick, one small candle is enough to generate sufficient heat in the harshest winter…


    1. NavyOne, I called them this morning and asked the question…

      They will take an IOU as long as it is attached to the asking price of;
      £1,350,000: Sterling: One million, Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds.

      (C’mon, do you think I haven’t already tried an IOU)!


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